Overview & Managing of Self (Learner) Profile

When you log in to the Skill Lake platform with learning permissions, you will navigate to the Learning Home page. Click on your profile picture to go to the Profile page. You can also click on their profile picture on the top right to access the profile page.

The profile page includes multiple sections, starting with the Profile details on top, followed by Achievements, Learning Overview, Courses in Progress, Learning Plan, and Upcoming Sessions

The Learner’s Profile includes:

  1. Name, Designation, Email Id, and Profile Picture
  2. Department, Reporting Manager, Mentors, and Expertise tags (tags allow the learner to be identified for specific technical expertise) of the learner and Profile Summary

The Achievements section includes.

  1. Badges and Certificates the learner has achieved
  2. Click on the View All link in the Achievements section to view the complete set of achievements of the learner on the platform.

The Learning overview section displays a summary of the course enrollments and their status for Self-paced, Instructor-led, and Mandatory courses. In the Self-paced courses section, the learner can view the assigned and self-enrolled course details.

The Courses in progress section provides course cards for the most recently accessed courses with details like the course name, enrolled/self-enrolled by, course completion percentage, and last viewed date.

Click on the View details link in the Learning overview section to navigate to the Learning Overview details page.

The Learning Plan section gives a calendar view of the learning objectives and corresponding items (courses/activities) for the chosen period. Mentors can create the learning objectives and assign courses/activities that will assist the learner in achieving those objectives. The learner may also have permission to add learning objectives for themselves and self-assign courses/activities.

The plan objectives and items that have to be completed in the current month are displayed. The self-enrolled, assigned, and mandatory courses are marked in blue, green, and violet colours, respectively in the learning plan.

On the learner profile page, scroll down to view the upcoming courses for the learner. Click on the ‘+’ Calendar icon to add the session to your calendar.

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