AI/ML - Powered People Development Platform

  • A futuristic platform for organizational learning – Skill Lake puts Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to work, fostering a culture of learning and growth across organizations.
  • AI/ML powered recommendations place personalized content in front of employees, increasing the chances of discovering relevant content and subsequently promoting learner engagement
  • Skill Lake thus helps learners consume training material in the content repository to the full extent, making it a win-win situation for learning and development teams and learners.

Competency management and mapping

  • Measure competence levels with custom graded assessments built around a core competency framework of your organization.
  • Set performance objectives by considering a holistic view of individual capabilities that suit different job roles.
  • Create detailed learning plans comprising a set of objectives to help mentors plan and manage the learning goals of each enrolled learner.

Accountability for People Development

  • Set and track time-sensitive competence development goals, to enable individual accountability
  • Tracks competence development at the individual, department, organization, and intermediate levels, making it a complete training development platform
  • Assign Mentors or Coaches to leverage specialized knowledge or provide extra support

SCORM Compliant LMS

  • Easily host, manage, and deliver SCORM content with Skill Lake.
  • We support courses that are compliant with the widely accepted SCORM standards—SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.

Drive Learner Engagement

  • The online employee training development software enables learning anywhere, anytime through intuitive, secure Mobile apps available on both iPhone and Android
  • Gamify with “virtual rewards”, provide content mashups, or create “guided tests” to nudge learners to achieve learning goals
  • Easily create personalized learning journeys for individuals catered to their specific needs

Learning Delivery and Content Authoring

  • Deliver self-paced learning, instructor-led sessions, or a combination of both
  • Powerful, light-weight, distraction-free content authoring tools to create mashups, assessments, tests and more
  • Provides self-enrollment and mandatory course enrollment at the team and organizational levels, and course assignment

Library, Learner Dashboard & User Management

  • The LMS software houses a robust knowledge repository for single point storage of courses
  • Allows instructors to view training progress on the learner dashboard
  • Sanctions user privileges in the organizational hierarchy & allows tracking of best and average performers

Enterprise IT Ready

  • Delivered to your enterprise IT specs – on your servers, private cloud, on InfinCE, public cloud, or managed on our enterprise-ready servers
  • Customize to your brand, organizational structure, processes and integrate with the applications you already use
  • SSO, granular role-based controls, and more to comply with your enterprise security standards

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