The learners can utilize the to-do list as a centralized hub to view all assigned learning tasks, including course learning, activity completion, and reading snippets. Assessing task priorities allows learners to prioritize immediate attention for certain tasks while managing others for later, contributing to effective time planning and management.

Adding to-dos

  • Click on the ‘+’ icon and the ‘Activity’ or ‘Course’ option in the My to-dos section on the top right corner of the Learning Home page.
  • The Add an Activity pop-up will appear, enabling you to input the activity name, tick the mandatory option (if required), provide an activity description, choose the relevant knowledge area, set priority, specify the completion date, and click the Save button.
  • The activities created will be listed in the learner’s To-do list.
  • You can also add a course as a to-do item for yourself.
  • In the Add course pop-up, type the required course name, select the course, set the course as mandatory (if needed), tick the completion date, and click the Save button.
  • All activities and courses learners include in their to-do list will be displayed in the ‘My to-dos list’.

Viewing To-dos

Navigate to the My To-dos page by clicking on the View All link, where you can review upcoming and overdue to-dos. Additionally, you have the option to add a to-do item for yourself by clicking on the Add +  button on the To-do listing page.

  • Click the ‘Mark as done’ option to complete the to-do item. A success message will appear, and the to-do item will be removed from the list.
  • Click on the three dots to edit or delete the to-do item. 
  • In the Edit pop-up, edit the details and click the Save button.
  • To delete a to-do item, click on the ‘Delete’ option. Upon selecting it, a confirmation message will appear, and you can finalize the deletion by clicking the Yes, delete button.

Note: Learners are not able to delete the to-dos added by mentors or group admins. Only individuals with appropriate permissions will be able to delete those entries. 

Filtering To-dos

All the to-dos in the Open status will be displayed by default. You may also filter the to-dos that are in completed status. Also, you can filter the to-dos based on the assigner, to-do type (activity, course, snippet, event, session, or assignment), or priority. 

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