Publishing courses outside Skill Lake

The Course Admins can publish the courses (self-paced and instructor-led courses) externally. The course outline will be made publicly available when a course is published externally. Users can browse the course outline from this public page and choose to enroll if they are interested in the course. Upon attempting to enroll, their account will be verified, and they will be enrolled in the course if they have group visibility as per the course settings. The course admin can share these public URLs from the ‘Actions’ menu in the “Manage Courses” listing page.

In the Course Settings section:

  • In the ‘Who can see this course?’ field, select the group/sub group/learning group that can view the course.
  • Choose ‘Yes’ option in the ‘Allow course to be published outside Skill Lake’ to allow the course to be visible outside Skill Lake. A URL will be generated and can be shared to the external users of Skill Lake. Click on the Save button to save the changes made.
  • Once the course units have been configured, the course has to be published so that all users can view the course.
  • From Manage > Courses > Self-paced courses or Manage > Courses > Instructor-led courses > Batches, click on the Settings icon against the course and click on the copy link. This link can be shared to the external users via email/chat.
  • The new users can view the course only after Administrator’s approval for the Skill Lake account and access the course.
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