Consuming Training Content

The learner can click on the course assigned to, from the Learning home, or from the Profile to access the course contents.

When you click on the course for the first time, you will land on the Course Introduction page that provides a summary of the course. On the left side, you can see the Course Units included in the course. In case you have not completed the course, then you can restart from the unit from where you have left out.

The Course Introduction provides a brief overview of the course, course level, and tags. For an instructor-led course, you can view the resume of the instructor and the session schedule.

Click on the Course Units to view the tests, assignments, and sessions structured for each unit. For instructor-led courses, the recordings of the webinars may be made available that can help the learner catch up the missed sessions or make a thorough understanding of the course material.

A learning item in Skill Lake is a combination of different types of content, like text, image, video/audio files, or pdf documents. Click on the thumbnail to play the video on a pop-up screen. To preview the pdf document, click on the Preview button. Click on the Completed button when learning of the unit gets completed.

Click on the assignments assigned to the learner. The learner can submit his assignment by uploading the file. The reviewer offers his feedback and score for the assignment.

Two types of tests can be assigned to the learner. They are Graded tests or Guided tests.

Guided tests are meant to reinforce the concepts and to help learners assess their understanding. It aids the learner during his learning process and can be taken any number of times. In the guided test, while you click the options in the test, you will get feedback for each option that guides you through the test to the correct answer. It provides responses for every option, to let the learner know if the answer is correct or incorrect and why.

The Graded test evaluates the learner’s understanding of the concept. In graded tests, your mentor can assign the number of attempts for the test and the pass criteria. The learner has to pass the test within a specific number of attempts. Once the learner completes and submits the test, the number of correct and wrong answers, unattempted questions, and the total score along with the number of attempts will be displayed.

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