Improve business and employee efficiency with a simplified performance review system

User-friendly form-based performance review software to foster a dynamic and responsive work environment.

Run Form-Based Performance Reviews Your Way

Take advantage of form-based employee performance evaluations that’s flexible, convenient, and easy-to-use. Be it self review, manager review, self and manager review, or review with or without moderation, Skill Lake quickly adapts to your process.

Adjust Review

Configure review cycles the way that works best for your company – yearly, half-yearly, or quarterly. It could also be continuous or any window you choose, such as hire date or work anniversary.

Choose How You Manage Reviews

Manage performance reviews with improved ease and flexibility. Make adjustments during the cycle to change review windows and assessment periods, run project-based evaluations, or even exclude participants.

Multiple Evaluation Modes

Choose any performance evaluation mode based on your organization’s review process. Options may include self only, manager only, and self and manager reviews with moderation.

Performance Review Forms

Easily design and launch impactful performance evaluation forms using customizable or predefined templates. Add the kind of questions you ask – text based, rating scale, or multiple choice.

Track Review Completion & Approvals

The data snapshot dashboard on Skill Lake helps managers and HR ensure the timely completion and approval of crucial performance reviews.

Automated Reminders & Notifications

Keep track of performance reviews with automated schedule reminders and approval notifications. Employees, managers, and moderators (HRs) will be notified when a review begins, is overdue or completed.

Why Skill Lake

Performance Review Software?

Because it’s simple for employees, easy for managers, and flexible for HRs.

Formalize Performance Reviews

Elevate your employee assessments with a professional, form-based performance review system. Formalize review documentation and standardize performance evaluation processes with our cloud-based performance review software.

Boost Transparency and Efficiency

Make your performance reviews more engaging, fair, transparent, and empathetic. Get clear insights and reports on the achievement of employee goals, the development of employee skills, and the potential and performance of individuals.

User-Friendly Platform

Intuitive performance review software with easy-to-implement, customizable evaluation steps and forms. Get everything you need in one place to wrap up performance reviews faster.

Eliminate Tedious Paperwork

Take the guesswork and chaos out of your performance review process. Achieve more flexibility in performance review management with automated reminders, intuitive workflows, and customized user permissions.

Link Goals to Performance Reviews

Align employee goals with your business goals through consistent, painless performance reviews. Track progress and provide regular feedback to build a high-performing workforce and achieve remarkable results.

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