Monitoring Learner’s Progress

In Skill Lake, every learner has one or more Mentor(s)(users with Mentoring privileges) to guide them in the learning journey. Mentor assigns relevant courses or learning activities and monitors the learner’s progress on the assigned courses, tests, and assignments.

Monitoring Learners Progress

A mentor can view the list of all assigned learners under the “Learners” tab. On clicking on a learner, he can view the to-dos the learner needs to complete, feedback journals received, and knowledge areas he is trying to accomplish. 

Click on a learner name on the right panel to navigate to the learner’s Profile page and  get the details of all courses assigned to the learner. You can also access the learning journal for your learners from here.

Monitoring Learners Progress 2

Feedback Journal

Mentors (users with Mentoring privileges) can create learning journals to share feedback/ suggestions to help them achieve their learning goals. This is also helpful during the review meetings and for future reference. The learning journal will be visible to the mentors and reporting managers of the learner. The confidential journal feedback will be visible to the user who shares it, the user who receives it, and the reporting managers of the recipient.


  • If your mentor is creating the confidential journal, then the journal will be visible to you, the mentor who created the journal, and your reporting managers. Other mentors will not be able to view the confidential journal.
  • If any of your managers in the reporting line has created a confidential journal, then the journal will be visible to you and your managers in the reporting line. In this case, your mentors will not be able to view the created confidential journal but will be able to see all public journals given to you.
Monitoring Learners Progress 16

The Mentors can view all the feedback journals created for the selected employee. They can view the journal description, date of journal posting, related tags, and whether the journal is confidential. 

Adding a feedback journal

Monitoring Learners Progress 3
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon to add a feedback journal for your learner. 
  • Enter your comments, tick if the journal is confidential (to restrict the visibility of this journal to yourself, the learner, and their reporting managers, select the related knowledge areas, and click on the Save button.
Monitoring Learners Progress 4
  • The Journal panel bar appears, where you can view your feedback.
  • Click on the Add to-do button to add an activity or course as a to-do relating to this feedback journal. 
  • It is possible to edit or delete the feedback journal posted for the learner. Click the To-dos button to view/add the activities and courses created for this feedback journal.
  • Your entry will be listed on the Learning Journal page. 
  • You can edit or delete the journal entries.

Note: The confidential journals will be marked as ‘Confidential’.

Monitoring Learners Progress 5

Note: You can edit or delete the journal entries based on the permissions set through the permissions set for your user role in the Administration > Roles and Permissions page.

Adding learning journals from the Quick Actions menu

Monitoring Learners Progress 15

Mentors or managers can easily assign a feedback journal to their mentees by accessing the Quick Actions menu on the Learning Home page. This streamlined process enhances usability, allowing mentors and managers to provide feedback to their mentees efficiently.

Learning Journey

Monitoring Learners Progress 6

The Learning Journey is a timeline of the learner’s significant milestones since being on boarded to Skill Lake. Click on the View details link for a detailed view of the learner’s learning journey.

Monitoring Learners Progress 7
  • You can view the completed courses; knowledge areas level up, journals received, and their count. 
  • You can also filter the learning journey based on completed courses, knowledge areas leveled up, or journals received. 
  • It is possible to filter the learning journey for the dates selected.

Knowledge area overview

Monitoring Learners Progress 8

The “Knowledge area overview” section summarizes all the knowledge areas attained by the learner. Click the View More link for a detailed view of the learner’s knowledge area.

Learning Overview

The “Learning Overview” section summarizes all the courses in which the learner is enrolled and can enter journal details. Click on the View details link in the Learning overview section to get a detailed view of the courses the learner is enrolled in.

Monitoring Learners Progress 10
  • Click on the Assign button to assign the learner to a course. 
  • Tick the courses and click on the Assign button to assign the learner to the courses.
Monitoring Learners Progress 13
  • Click on the Progress icon in the Courses section to view the learner’s unit-wise progress. 
  • The course progress screen gives the details of learning progress by unit. 
  • The mentor can see the test scores and attempts
  • They can view whether their learners have passed/ failed the test and identify the areas that need more attention.
Monitoring Learners Progress 9
  • Click on the Unenroll icon in the Courses section to unenroll the learner from the course. 
  • Click on the Yes button to unenroll the learner from the course.
Monitoring Learners Progress 11
  • Click on the Settings icon to update the course assignment settings. 
  • The Course assignment settings pop-up appears, where you can set the course completion date, set the deadline as mandatory, mark the course as mandatory and click the Update button. 
  • When you set the deadline as mandatory, the course will be locked after the course completion date, and the learners will not be able to learn the course further.
Monitoring Learners Progress 12

Recent achievements

Monitoring Learners Progress 14

The learner can view the badges and certificates achieved in the Achievements section.

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