Editing, Duplicating and Deleting Courses

The Course Administrator can edit the course content whenever required. Click on the Manage courses tab and click on the Edit icon near the course to be edited.

On clicking the Edit, you can edit the course information, setting, or contents.

Duplication of courses

If you want to make a duplicate copy of a course, in the Manage courses tab, click on the Settings icon and the Duplicate option.

Click on the Confirm button on the pop-up and a confirmation message appears.

The duplicate copy of the course will be created and opened for editing. You can edit the course contents and proceed.

Deletion of courses

Course Administrators can also delete the course. Click on the Manage courses tab and click on the course that needs to be deleted. In the Settings icon select the Delete course option.

A confirmation message appears as a pop-up. Click on the Yes, delete button to delete the course.

Note: The deleted course cannot be restored.

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