A Modern LMS for
a Smarter Workforce

Deliver a simplified, personalized, and engaging corporate learning experience.

Craft Compelling Learning Experiences

Disorganized and uninspiring learning content makes it difficult for learners to stay engaged and understand the material, leading to low consumption and poor learning outcomes.

Feedback & Mentoring

Regularly check in on learners with sufficient feedback and close mentoring to ensure accountability and improve performance.

Engaged Learning

Promote active learning by creating and hosting courses in varied formats - interactive quizzes, slides, videos, audio clips, infographics, etc.

Content Discovery

AI-driven course suggestions make learning active and continuous by placing content that caters to each learner’s distinct learning needs and interests.


The easily navigable course library provides a well-organized repository of course materials, allowing mentors/learners to access them conveniently whenever needed.

Deliver Consistent Training for Global Workforces

Most organizations with a workforce spread across the globe face increasing difficulties when it comes to implementing training initiatives and maintaining uniformity.

Mobile Learning

Skill Lake's mobile learning apps enable learners to easily access course materials and participate in learning activities at their convenience, from any location.


Learners have the flexibility to study at their own pace. This is advantageous for geographically dispersed learners who may have varying work or personal responsibilities.

Instant Updates

With the app, learners get real-time updates and information to stay current with the latest developments in their field or industry, regardless of where they are located.

Effective Retention

Knowledge retention is more effective as mobile platforms are well-suited to microlearning, which delivers content in short, bite-sized modules.

Gauge Learner Progress for Effective Learning Management

Without the ability to measure learner progress, defining learning objectives, adapting to learners' requirements, and delivering meaningful feedback becomes challenging, potentially causing disengagement, limited improvements, and resource wastage.

Constructive Feedback

Prompt and specific feedback points out exactly what the learner is doing well and suggests areas for improvement, helping them reach their learning goals faster.

Skill Mapping

Evaluate skill levels and competencies with personalized learning paths, progress tracking, and graded-pre assessments to support learners in their professional development.

Goal Setting

Encourage learners to set and track their learning goals by enhancing their experience with customized course materials and providing metrics including scores, completion rates, and time spent, that they can access.

Performance Management

Through utilizing analytics and reporting, mentors or course managers gain a holistic understanding of learner performance and witness firsthand the results of applying acquired skills in the organization.

Ensure a Standardized Onboarding Process

Conventional, labor-intensive onboarding becomes increasingly challenging as an organization grows. Industries like Retail and Food & Beverage (F&B), which often experience high turnover rates, face particular challenges like reduced onboarding effectiveness, lower productivity, and engagement.

Auto Enrolling

Assist new members to smoothly transition into the team and company culture by automatically enrolling them in onboarding training programs from day one.

Course Administration

Administer essential courses covering company policies, compliance, information security, and more, ensuring that new hires quickly get accustomed to the work environment.

Scale Learning

As the organization grows, expanding the scope of learning for employees, vendors, and customers is made seamless by bringing them all together within Skill Lake’s centralized platform.

Time & Effort Savings

By utilizing auto-enrollment and providing access to mandatory training, companies can significantly reduce manual labor and cut costs by eliminating the need for physical resources and trainers to facilitate the onboarding process.

Translate Training into Workplace Performance

Despite receiving sufficient training in focused skill development programs, there remains a segment of employees whose performance continues to lag, with minimal improvement in the practical application of these skills in their job roles.

Active Follow-Ups

Revisiting learning materials as part of follow-up activities serves to reinforce acquired concepts and knowledge, enabling learners to more effectively apply their newly acquired skills in their professional roles.

Continuous Learning

The learning process remains ongoing, as mentors or course managers can continue follow-up activities by delivering learning bytes and inviting learners to participate in specific events or courses.

Enhanced Productivity

Repeated exposure to content through follow-up activities like emails and learning bytes improves memory and retention, enabling learners to maintain high levels of productivity consistently.

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What makes Skill Lake different from other LMS software

Success Stories

Building better learning experiences with Skill Lake

Catering to the learning needs of a multigenerational workforce

A global IT company on the cusp of transitioning into a large organization deployed Skill Lake to build a successful learning culture, make employee onboarding more convenient, and effectively administer courses catering to the learning needs of a multigenerational workforce spread across geographies.

This considerably streamlined training, reduced manual efforts, saved time, and elevated learner engagement, which earned them the “Great Place to Work” Award.

  • 67% reduction in training costs
    High savings on people development, onboarding, and employee training initiatives
  • 5X increase in learner engagement
    Achieved enhanced engagement through personalized learning paths, multiple course delivery modes, and the integration of gamified elements.

eLearning LMS capabilities for an asset management company

Five Brothers, a leading asset management solutions provider, uses our learning management software to provide up-to-date and consistent on-the-job training to their employees, so they can interact and engage with their clients more effectively.

  • All prescribed courses made accessible on mobile
  • Easy-to-use course library with on-demand access to training content
  • Boosted employee morale with interactive and engaging learning experience
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Simplifying compliance training for a digital healthcare platform

ZH Healthcare, a pioneer of digital healthcare, switched to Skill Lake LMS to simplify compliance training and the maintenance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The platform facilitated the seamless enrollment and training of employees while also streamlining the onboarding process for new hires.

  • Achieved a 72% reduction in cost for compliance
  • Improved learner engagement by facilitating the creation of content in varied, engaging formats through our inbuilt content authoring tool
  • Helped set learning objectives and track the progress of all enrolled learners

Effective training management for a leading retail company

A global retail company with operations spread worldwide switched to Skill Lake’s comprehensive web and mobile learning platform to host and deliver training from anywhere.

As a result, their staff at geographically dispersed centers were able to access training materials conveniently on their mobile, broadening training coverage and saving costs.

  • Increased training coverage by 99%, up from the previous 29%
  • Achieved $93,000 savings in overall training costs
  • Transformed regular PDF manuals into engaging, high-quality learning resources

eLearning LMS solutions for a religious non-profit organization

TROTB, an international Christian non-profit organization, quickly switched to online training with Skill Lake LMS software and earned more savings on training costs, reduced volunteer churn, and improved training efficiency.

With Skill Lake LMS, the customer achieved:

  • 60% reduction in the total operating costs
    Tremendous savings on venue, travel, accommodation, and more
  • 30% improvement in training efficiency
    Personalized mentoring and learning makes training more coherent
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Create, manage, and publish content quickly

  • User-friendly content authoring tools to create, publish, and manage eLearning content with ease
  • Extensive course library to store and retrieve self-paced and instructor-led courses. Create templates that can be used for multiple batches of learners.
  • Provision to host, manage and deliver SCORM compliant course packages
  • Deliver multiple content formats within a course - videos, text, images, documents, audio clips, and more

Intuitive mobile LMS app to learn from anywhere, anytime

  • Intuitive and secure mobile apps for Android and iOS users
  • Modern and dynamic learning feed with content specific to the learner’s interests
  • Simple and easy navigation to find courses and self-enroll on the go

Develop and manage skills and competencies

  • Conduct graded and guided tests and assessments at individual, department, organization, and intermediate levels
  • Analyze skills shortage and bridge the gaps through mentoring and course recommendations
  • Monitor learner progress and performance through advanced reporting
  • Map and track learning journeys that display achievements, course completions, updated knowledge areas, feedback received, and more.

A Modern LMS Software designed to address the needs of next-gen learners

  • AI-enabled course recommendations catering to the learner’s skills, department and interests drive faster course discovery
  • Motivate learners through gamification - award badges to learners based on course completion, duration of continuous learning, and score
  • Promote micro-learning through our modern LMS by sharing bite-sized content for quick consumption

Transform Organizational Learning with Skill Lake!

    Innovative learning management software designed to make your workforce future-ready

    Think Beyond Content Consumption

    • Develop the skills and competencies your people actually need
    • Convert learning into action that drives performance
    • Offer individual mentoring to ensure continued productivity and performance

    Promote Learning Accountability

    • Encourage employees to set realistic goals, track progress, and be more accountable for their own growth and development
    • Help mentors identify employee skill gaps, set learning paths, monitor progress and share regular feedback
    • Manage organization-wide competency development plans and timelines

    Accelerate business growth

    • Navigate business challenges at scale as you grow
    • Enhance organizational productivity and adapt quickly to changes
    • Build ROI and profitability through a competent workforce

    Organize learning materials

    • Bring scattered content together in one searchable Course Library
    • Organize and standardize all eLearning content
    • Create Playbooks, SOPs and Process documentations

    Social and collaborative learning

    • Breed a culture of knowledge sharing and learning across the organization
    • Motivate learners to share their achievements and milestones achieved
    • Inspire employees to learn continuously and keep up with peers

    Personalize learning for each employee

    • Align learning with both individual aspirations and organizational needs
    • Personalize course recommendations and customize learning paths for each learner
    • Suggest result-oriented learning plans and next steps with effective coaching and mentoring

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    Frequently asked question

    A learning management system or LMS is a software application designed for organizations, companies, and institutions to manage, host, and track employee learning programs.

    Nowadays, more organizations look for cloud-based learning management software to build a standardized learning environment and sustain a knowledgeable workforce. It’s important to identify your needs before deciding which LMS platform to use. Choosing an LMS platform with the right features can help you achieve your organization’s learning goals.
    A modern LMS is a software-based or SaaS application designed to support the administration, management, automation, and delivery of organizational training programs and educational courses. A modern eLearning LMS integrates all educational components such as training content, assessments, and communication, into one centralized system for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

    Benefits of a modern LMS:
    • Provides learners with 24/7 access to training programs, resources, and course materials
    • Allows learners to learn at their own pace and from any location
    • Provides trainees and instructors with a platform to collaborate and communicate in real-time
    • Enhances the overall learning experience and boosts learner morale
    • Automates and streamlines administrative tasks such as course management, trainer allocation, performance grading, and record-keeping
    • Eliminates the possibility of human errors
    • Allows educators to personalize the learning experience for each learner
    • Offers instructors/ mentors the tools they need to create custom tests and assessments, lessons, and multimedia content tailored to their learners’ needs
    • Provides instructors/ mentors with up-to-the-minute data which they can use to track learner progress and make informed decisions
    An LMS software is used to create, deliver, manage, and assess training courses and learning experiences in academic and corporate environments. Organizations use an LMS to create, manage, and publish courses through the software. The LMS system helps automate course delivery, progress tracking, assessments, and reporting, saving organizations precious time and resources.
    Depending on the user roles, an LMS system typically consists of two main interfaces:
    • Learner interface: This interface is for the end-users and recipients of the training offered via an LMS. Learners can view the learning materials, submit tests and assignments, and track their own progress through the learner interface.
    • Administrator interface: Administrators are responsible for a variety of tasks in an LMS, including course creation, learner and trainer assignment, evaluation of assignments and tests, and monitoring learner progress. The admin interface consists of tools to build and organize courses.
    Some of the top features of an LMS software are:
    • Course and user management
    • Ability to schedule and manage events like webinars
    • Easy-to-use content authoring tools
    • Mobile and remote accessibility
    • Course progress tracking and reporting
    • Sound safety protocol
    • Creation of course completion certificates
    Admin benefits:
    • Organize and manage all eLearning courses in a centralized location
    • Track learner progress and measure training effectiveness
    • Create personalized learning paths for individuals
    • Create engaging and up-to-date learning materials in different formats
    • Assess the understanding of learners through online quizzes and assignments
    • Save the costs involved in carrying out classroom training
    • Ensure reusability of content
    • Reduce the time and effort required to create training resources

    Learner benefits:
    • Ability to access courses from anywhere and at any time (on mobile)
    • Enhanced knowledge retention through self-paced learning
    • Submit online quizzes and assignments and receive feedback from mentors
    • Access individual learner reports to analyze their own progress and performance
    Skill Lake learning management software rises above competition by being a people development platform. It allows companies to create an employee-centric learning culture where learning happens holistically. Skill Lake supports participatory learning across hierarchies where learning is not limited to functional skills alone but places emphasis on life/soft skills to improve the career prospects of the employee. The platform offers a personalized learning roadmap to all participants with timely feedback and corrective measures from assigned mentors. Overall, our efforts have been directed towards making learning more engaging and practical.

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