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Empower People Development With Our Construction LMS Platform

Training challenges like overloaded information, adapting to new changes, ineffective training methods, and poor feedback systems compromise the overall staff productivity in the construction industry. An LMS with the added capabilities of a learning experience platform can tackle such challenges by enhancing the overall effectiveness of training and people development.

A learning experience platform like Skill Lake provides an employee-centric learning experience by curating and suggesting content relevant to each construction worker based on their job role, skills, and learning history. It puts every employee in charge of their own learning path through features like course mentoring, a centralized content repository, learner dashboards, feedback tools, and gamification. LXP is a valuable tool for any construction company to promote personalized training programs and further the learning curve.

Skill Lake is Beyond an Online Construction Training Platform

Customized Training & Assessments

  • Curate and create training courses following the constantly changing labor and construction laws.
  • Manage initial and ongoing training courses for any no of employees simultaneously.
  • Create and update your own learning materials and automate your training process without disruptions and interruptions at lower costs.
  • Track employee training progress to get a better idea of course completion rates, level of engagement, and knowledge retained.

Unified Content Management

  • Choose self-paced or instructor-led learning or a combination of both to ease the training of complex concepts.
  • Support visually appealing learning materials like images, videos, and infographics to accelerate effective learning and knowledge retention.
  • Upload engaging training programs through mockups, tests, assessments, and more.
  • Assign courses on a mandatory or self-enrollment basis to simplify course tracking and monitoring.


  • Onboard employees and educate them on safety measures in work locations through gamified learning.
  • Assign employees with scenario-based modules to solve real-world problems through virtual, risk-free settings.
  • Foster a fun-filled and engaging culture of learning and development with virtual rewards on completion of different learning stages.
  • Structure complex courses through interactive games for better knowledge retention and frictionless learning.

Collaborative & Personalized Learning Platform

  • The flexibility of learning from anywhere, anytime, and from any device, while still having access to subject matter experts.
  • Attain visibility across the workforce to identify skill gaps and assign the required training courses.
  • Encourage and inspire employees to learn and develop through peer accomplishments, achieve milestones, and share expertise.
  • Create training courses to align learning with both individual goals and organizational needs.

Key Features of Skill Lake


A simple and user-friendly interface makes learning engaging and effective for employees in the construction industry.


Fast Setup

Quick to deploy and set up on private servers or the cloud, along with role-based controls and adhering to construction security standards.


Progress Tracking

Intuitive dashboards to track and assess learners’ progress at the granular level based on various learning parameters.

Mobile Access

User-friendly mobile application to access training and learning materials, reaping the benefits of learning from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Virtual Mentoring

Assign subject experts in the construction industry as mentors to guide employees across their learning journey and provide the necessary career guidance.



Motivate learners with virtual rewards, badges, and points at specific course intervals to make learning engaging and fun.

Learning Modes

Multiple learning modes – self-paced and instructor-led or hybrid model to make learning convenient and easy.


Course Library

Learning materials can be stored and accessed from a centralized location so that employees in different construction sites or offices can access information on a need basis.

Competency Tracking

Formulate learning paths for employees and measure their competence levels through graded assessments.


Create and upload training materials in bite-sized, digestible chunks that can help learners absorb them much more effectively and promote effective learning.

SCORM Compliant LMS

Through the hassle-free upload, management, and delivery of SCORM content, organizations can seamlessly meet their learning & development goals through Skill Lake. We support courses that are compliant with the widely accepted SCORM standards—SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. 

Revamp your Legacy Training Content into Highly Impactful Learning Materials

Do you want a makeover of your training materials?

Yes, we have the expertise with us. Provide us with your learning materials, and we can convert them into a format of your choice. It is as simple as:

  • Provide your training manuals, course materials, or guides and the required format.
  • Our team analyzes your requirements and provides you with an estimate.
  • Further, our team enriches your learning materials to desired multiple content formats- from videos to presentations, motion graphics, ppt, pdf, AR/VR, etc.
  • Finally, upload your content to Skill Lake and distribute it among your employees.

Enrich your training programs by efficiently designing engaging and impactful course materials at scale with this add-on service of content modernization.

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