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Explore Diverse Possibilities

Think beyond learning management with Skill Lake! Equip your workforce to perform and deliver in today’s dynamic work environment. Attain breakthrough with a host of capabilities like personalized learning, mentoring, gamification, and more. Offer customized, intuitive, and outstanding learning experience and promote learning accountability in unprecedented ways with Skill Lake people development platform.

Use Cases

Employee Onboarding and Mandatory Trainings

Build a culture of continuous learning and growth across your organization, with an equal focus on functional and life skills. Impart your organization’s culture, policies, and practices to new employees with ease, and prepare your workforce to apply the concepts at work through practical learning experiences.

Contractor Training

Are the high attrition rates of contractors impacting the pace and efficiency of your training? Address this bottleneck with Skill Lake’s reusable recorded sessions, skill-based training, and advanced tracking capabilities.

Professional License Training

Manage the transition from traditional classroom training to online instructor-led training with ease. Leverage a comprehensive course library, recorded sessions, attendance tracking, and skill-based evaluations to gear up your learners for success from day one.

Industry Associations and Trade Bodies Training

Transform into the go-to platform in your industry for the latest updates, knowledge sharing, and learning. Deliver on-demand courses/webinars to upskill your members and share information in real time to improve the overall experience of your members.

Nonprofits Training

Instill the goals and values of your noble cause in the minds of your volunteers, seamlessly and effectively. Offer personalized training to your volunteers, donors and board members, without location or device constraints. Engage your volunteers better and bring down attrition rates with dual-mode learning, course library, and certifications.

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