Managing Email Configuration & Expertise Tags

Email configuration is setting up and customizing email accounts on various devices or email clients. Configuring email correctly ensures users can efficiently send, receive, and manage their emails. Email configuration is essential for both personal and business use, and it may involve protocols like IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) or POP3 (Post Office Protocol).

The Administrator (users with Administrative privileges) can configure the SMTP details to trigger system notification emails; for example, when a learner is enrolled in a course, an email notification is sent to notify the learner about the course.

Email Configuration

Click the Settings tab and the Email Configuration menu on the left in the Administration tab. Enter the SMTP hostname, SMTP name, SMTP port, SMTP user, and SMTP password, and click the Save button. Click the Send test mail button to trigger a test mail to verify the settings.

Expertise tags

Expertise tags are labels or keywords that learners use to highlight their skills, knowledge, or proficiency in specific areas. They provide a quick and efficient way to communicate one’s skills and qualifications.

Select the Settings tab and click on the Expertise tags menu on the left side of the Administration tab.

  • Click on the Create Expertise tag button to create a new tag.
  • In the pop-up, enter the expertise tags separated by commas and click the Save button.
  • Click the Edit icon to edit the expertise tags already created and save the changes.
  • Click the Delete icon to delete the expertise tags. 
  • A confirmation message appears, where you may click on the Yes, delete button.
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