Case Studies

ZH Healthcare Streamlined Compliance Training & Employee Onboarding

ZH Healthcare is a technology company committed to democratizing healthcare information technology and electronic health records (EHRs). The company’s flagship product, blueBriX, is a cloud-based, low-code, no-code, enterprise-scale EHR platform designed to empower users to swiftly and efficiently develop and deploy eHealth solutions.The company’s vision is to ensure that health information technology and electronic health records are accessible and affordable for everyone.ZH Healthcare encountered compliance challenges due to the need for more streamlined learning and development processes. Furthermore, they required a robust system that could track course compliance. Skill Lake emerged as the solution, providing the necessary features and functionalities to overcome these hurdles and ensure efficient compliance management. Read More

TROTB Improves volunteer retention by 50% with Skill Lake Learning Experience Platform

The global pandemic forced TROTB to call off their onsite training schedules. In no time, they moved to online training and resumed their discipleship programs with the help of Skill Lake. Higher savings on training costs, lower volunteer churn, and improved training efficiency helped TROTB achieve their goals without breaking a sweat. Read More

Improved & Effective Organizational Training by Five Brothers

Five Brothers is an asset management company with a legacy of over 50 years and involves itself in the “Property Preservation Business.” In other words, it helps banks, investors, and insurers in the upkeep of immovable properties. In this line of work, they are expected to train their employees on processes, tools, terms, conditions, and policies before they engage with the clients. The company found it extremely difficult to keep up with the training and on most counts, they lagged behind. While searching for a more proficient system, they happened to encounter Skill Lake as they were long-term clients of the parent company Fingent Solutions. Finally, they decided to subscribe to the Skill Lake app on their InfinCE marketplace. With this development, they found it easy to scale their training to the degree they wanted with easy accessibility. Read More

How The Training Center Group Leveraged Skill Lake for Continuing Education

The “Training Center Group” is a family-run institution providing continuing education to individuals who seek a career in boiler and plant operation. Over several years, the owners found it difficult to enroll new students due to a complex LMS solution that considerably reduced the process efficiency of training. Besides, they had an outdated CRM that increased the manual workload among the staff. When Fingent solutions stepped in with Skill Lake, we were able to offer the “Training Center Group” a much better LMS than the existing system. On top of that, we were able to integrate the CRM and LMS to create a much better operational system that reduced the manual work and made the entire process seamless. Read More