Move Beyond an Insurance LMS

Provide personalized training for employees on the latest policies, compliance, and regulations in the insurance sector through Skill Lake’s learning and people development platform.

Developing Tailor-made Insurance Training Online Platform for Effective and Convenient Learning

The insurance field is highly regulated and requires upskilling employees regularly with product portfolios, regulations, and compliance. It is high time insurance companies upgrade from traditional insurance LMS to a learning experience platform (LXP) that provides employees with a personalized and diversified learning journey.
Skill Lake extends beyond a regular insurance LMS, with all the modern features like personalized learning paths, course mentoring, gamification, mobile learning, dual learning modes, and much more. It helps insurers aggregate learning materials and provide course suggestions to employees based on their previous learning history and skill gaps. Skill Lake’s learning experience platform promotes people development in an organization through engaging and user-focussed learning.

Skill Lake is Beyond a Regular Learning Management System for Insurance Training

Cover all Training Areas

  • Update employees on the latest regulations and industry standards.
  • Provide relevant sales training to improve customer engagement.
  • Orient new and existing staff with the company’s business offerings.
  • Set induction programs for new recruits and enable easy onboarding.

Raise Employee Productivity

  • Create and organize training modules in a single course library for easy access.
  • Track learner progress and measure training effectiveness in one place.
  • Adapt training to each learner’s pace with goal-oriented learning paths.
  • Identify skill gaps and provide close mentoring to improve performance.

Offer Immersive Learning Experiences

  • Assign course materials based on department, team, or organization roles.
  • Choose from self-paced, instructor-led, or blended delivery of courses.
  • Create microlearning courses to improve retention and completion rates.
  • Gamify training to deeply engage and motivate your enrolled learners.

Learn Anywhere Anytime

  • Train employees in different branches and geographic locations on one platform.
  • Access training materials on mobile devices to learn from anywhere.
  • Impart skills to your employees globally on a centrally accessible platform.

Key Features of Skill Lake


Skill Lake features a plain and easily navigable interface that makes learning engaging for all users from ground staff to air traffic crew and airline pilots.


Fast Setup

Readily deploy Skill Lake on a private server or the cloud and configure everything needed in minutes to make the platform ready for your airline staff.


Progress Tracking

Admins can track learner progress on the dashboard at the granular level to identify gaps and help learners progress faster.

Mobile Access

With your airline staff scattered in different locations, Skill Lake’s intuitive mobile application enables easy access to training materials anywhere, anytime.

Virtual Mentoring

Assign mentors to guide your learners across their learning paths, build accountability, and provide career and emotional support.



Engage and motivate learners with virtual rewards, badges, and points upon course completion to further encourage them on their learning journey.

Learning Modes

Offer learning with multiple modes – self-paced, instructor-led, and hybrid delivery for convenience and to improve the pace of learners in mastering new skills.


Course Library

Organize aviation training materials in a single knowledge repository to help your airline workers easily access them on-demand and complete their training faster.

Competency Tracking

Measure competence levels of enrolled learners in different job roles with custom graded assessments and formulate learning goals.

Microlearning Options

Deliver course content in short, bite-sized versions to help learners quickly grasp and for better knowledge retention.

SCORM Compliant LMS

Through the hassle-free upload, management, and delivery of SCORM content, organizations can seamlessly meet their learning & development goals through Skill Lake. We support courses that are compliant with the widely accepted SCORM standards—SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.

Revamp your Legacy Training Content into Highly Impactful Learning Materials

Are your course materials in need of a makeover? Does it look outdated?

We can help modernize your current training content into a format of your choice that’s deeply engaging and useful.

  • Provide your training manuals, course materials, or guides and the required format.
  • Our team analyzes your requirements and provides you with an estimate.
  • Further, our team enriches your learning materials to desired multiple content formats – from videos to presentations, motion graphics, PPT, PDF, AR/VR, etc.
  • Finally, upload your content to Skill Lake and distribute it among your employees.

Enrich your training programs by efficiently designing engaging and impactful course materials at scale with this add-on service of content modernization.

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