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Learn anytime, anywhere with the Skill Lake LMS Mobile app. Our cross-generational LMS app is modern, flexible, intuitive, and compatible with iOS and Android.

Motivate Remote Teams, Eliminate Learning Gaps

With a geographically dispersed workforce, ensuring consistent learning and skill development poses a significant challenge, as traditional training methods often need to reach employees across diverse locations and time zones.

E-learning Mobile App

Easily motivate and engage remote teams from anywhere with quick access to assigned courses and learning materials on mobile devices.

Course Management

Skill Lake’s Mobile LMS offers a digitized course management process that gives greater control over the L&D structure, making course assignments, tracking, and reporting more effective.

Identifying Skill Gaps

Enabling real-time tracking of employee training progress helps quickly identify skill gaps and plan a structured learning process that mends these gaps.

Flexible Learning

Allow learners to set their own pace with the flexibility to choose how, when, and where to learn, providing them with enhanced and convenient learning experiences.

Accessibility and Engagement Challenges

Employees may face challenges accessing training materials due to geographic barriers and technological limitations. Traditional training methods may not effectively engage learners with diverse learning styles and preferences.

Multiple Learning Modes

Different learning methods like microlearning, flipped, synchronous, and asynchronous learning facilitated through mobile devices offer training convenience and improve learning outcomes.


Allowing learners the flexibility to choose from instructor-led training or self-paced sessions in mobile learning helps align regular skill development with hectic schedules.

User management

Configuring roles with specific access controls and permissions helps safeguard training materials, user data, and other content, ensuring safe learning practices.


Interactive gaming elements, badges, and awards improve learner engagement and promote healthy competition.

Budgetary Challenges of Training

Training includes costs like facility rental, instructor fees, materials, administrative overhead, evaluation, and potential travel expenses, making it crucial for organizations to assess the budget impact carefully.

Mobile Learning

Streamlined mobile learning supported by intuitive features and user-friendly design can help organizations immensely reduce costs on onboarding trainers, administrative overheads, travel, or rentals.

Cloud Hosting

The ability to host an LMS platform on a private or public cloud, as per the training needs, empowers an organization to plan a budget-friendly L&D process strategically.


A Mobile LMS Solution seamlessly integrating third-party tools can help drive personalized learning features, improving user experience and learning abilities.

Easy Mentoring

Easy assigning of mentors helps provide a supportive mobile learning experience through constant knowledge sharing, monitoring, and feedback.

Complexity and Limited Interactivity

Training systems that are overly complex and difficult to navigate can quickly turn into a deterrent for learners. The lack of interactive elements can make the learning process more passive and less effective at retaining knowledge and skills.

AI/ML Course Recommendations

Implementing emerging technologies like AI and ML can help quickly guide learners to the right course materials and content, eliminating the time wasted on finding quality materials.

AR/VR Learning Experiences

Immersive learning experiences through AR and VR help drive engaging learning, allowing learners to grasp complex contexts faster.

Learning Path

A robust mobile LMS platform like Skill Lake helps develop a well-structured learning path, providing the flexibility to drive instructor-led, self-enrolled, or group-enrolled courses from anywhere, as per the learner’s need.

Competency Management

Managing the competency levels of learners gets simpler with easy access to insights on the strengths and weaknesses of learners; this helps provide custom assessment results, improving the overall learning culture of organizations.

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What makes Skill Lake Mobile App different from other LMS software?

Success Stories

Enhance Learning Experiences with the Skill Lake Mobile App

Catering to the learning needs of a multigenerational workforce

A global IT company on the cusp of transitioning into a large organization deployed Skill Lake to build a successful learning culture, make employee onboarding more convenient, and effectively administer courses catering to the learning needs of a multigenerational workforce spread across geographies.

This considerably streamlined training, reduced manual efforts, saved time, and elevated learner engagement, which earned them the “Great Place to Work” Award.

  • 67% reduction in training costs
    High savings on people development, onboarding, and employee training initiatives
  • 5X increase in learner engagement
    Achieved enhanced engagement through personalized learning paths, multiple course delivery modes, and the integration of gamified elements.

eLearning LMS capabilities for an asset management company

Five Brothers, a leading asset management solutions provider, uses our learning management software to provide up-to-date and consistent on-the-job training to their employees, so they can interact and engage with their clients more effectively.

  • All prescribed courses made accessible on mobile
  • Easy-to-use course library with on-demand access to training content
  • Boosted employee morale with interactive and engaging learning experience
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Simplifying compliance training for a digital healthcare platform

ZH Healthcare, a pioneer of digital healthcare, switched to Skill Lake LMS to simplify compliance training and the maintenance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The platform facilitated the seamless enrollment and training of employees while also streamlining the onboarding process for new hires.

  • Achieved a 72% reduction in cost for compliance
  • Improved learner engagement by facilitating the creation of content in varied, engaging formats through our inbuilt content authoring tool
  • Helped set learning objectives and track the progress of all enrolled learners

Effective training management for a leading retail company

A global retail company with operations spread worldwide switched to Skill Lake’s comprehensive web and mobile learning platform to host and deliver training from anywhere.

As a result, their staff at geographically dispersed centers were able to access training materials conveniently on their mobile, broadening training coverage and saving costs.

  • Increased training coverage by 99%, up from the previous 29%
  • Achieved $93,000 savings in overall training costs
  • Transformed regular PDF manuals into engaging, high-quality learning resources

eLearning LMS solutions for a religious non-profit organization

TROTB, an international Christian non-profit organization, quickly switched to online training with Skill Lake LMS software and earned more savings on training costs, reduced volunteer churn, and improved training efficiency.

With Skill Lake LMS, the customer achieved:

  • 60% reduction in the total operating costs
    Tremendous savings on venue, travel, accommodation, and more
  • 30% improvement in training efficiency
    Personalized mentoring and learning makes training more coherent
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Emphasize Actionable Learning

  • Design learning experiences that mimic workplace challenges
  • Incorporate interactive workshops, role-playing exercises as to-do’s, events and activities
  • Integrate learning activities into employees' daily workflows

Provide Personalized Learning Guidance and Support

  • Pair employees with experienced mentees
  • Tailor learning experiences to each employee's unique needs
  • Provide ongoing support and resources to employees

Introduce Engaging Learning Tools and Resources

  • Incorporate engaging learning materials, such as audios, videos, AR/VR content, SCORM packages, slide decks, etc.
  • Provide employees access to self-paced learning modules, online courses, and e-learning resources.
  • Improve learner engagement with gamified elements, badges, awards, and more.

Establish Clear and Measurable Learning Objectives

  • Define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) learning objectives
  • Recognize and celebrate employees' accomplishments and milestones.
  • Keep learners informed on upcoming events, sessions, and webinars with direct notifications.

Implement Tracking and Develop a Feedback Culture

  • Utilize LMS platforms to track employee progress and monitor engagement.
  • Detailed, customizable reports empower organizations with data for informed decision-making.
  • Third-party tool integrations help utilize insightful data and analytics to support informed decision-making.

Advanced Mobile Learning Management Software Designed for Future Success

Browsing Courses

  • Find courses matching interests and learning objectives, ensuring a personalized learning experience.
  • Discover courses spanning various subjects and skill levels to broaden your knowledge and skills.
  • Browse and select courses at one's pace and convenience.

Harmonize LMS Brand Identity.

  • Customize the platform to reflect your brand colors, logos, and style, creating a tailored user experience.
  • Impress users and stakeholders with a polished and branded LMS interface, reinforcing your organization's professionalism.
  • Incorporating your branding elements reinforces your organization's identity and strengthens its presence within the learning environment.

Empower External Stakeholders

  • Enable your customers, partners, and vendors to access and benefit from your training initiatives through the mobile app.
  • The valuable training opportunities help foster stronger relationships with external stakeholders.
  • Extending your organization's knowledge and expertise to a broader community also promotes growth and engagement.

Fuel Engagement with Our Dynamic Learning Feed

  • Access a tailored learning feed on the go and continue learning.
  • Receive course recommendations, details on upcoming events, learning bytes, and more on a dynamic and visually appealing feed.
  • Easily share and access bite-sized content on feed to engage learners, and improve knowledge consumption.

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Frequently asked question

The LMS mobile app is a mobile application that allows users to access and interact with their learning materials and courses on the go.

The LMS mobile app is available for iOS (Apple) and Android devices. You can find it on the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.

The features available on the LMS mobile app may vary but typically include accessing course materials, submitting assignments, taking quizzes, participating in discussions, viewing grades, and receiving instructor notifications.

Yes, many LMS mobile apps offer offline access to course materials. You can download lectures, readings, and other resources for offline viewing, allowing you to learn without an internet connection.

You can personalize your learning experience by adjusting notification settings, choosing your preferred display options, and selecting the courses you want to focus on within the app.

Yes, the LMS mobile app is designed to support a variety of course formats, including fully online courses and blended learning environments where some instruction occurs in person and some online.

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