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Training and development are integral to every organization’s workflow. We’ve identified the problems training companies face in using endless spreadsheets and manual data entry to schedule courses, administer back office, track trainers and learners, and handle course payments. Skill Lake training management system puts all these in sync by centralizing training administration into one platform together with a learning experience platform. It is designed for training companies and organizations of any size to manage and organize end-to-end training operations spanning from- back office tasks, course registrations, resource scheduling, managing time frames, billing, and much more.

Simplify your training management

Skill Lake training management system is designed with features to ease out and streamline tedious administrative operations involved in training companies, such as course registrations, course scheduling, reporting, certifications, including payment of courses.

Course management

Automate and streamline repetitive back-end course management processes like scheduling courses, allocating trainers, tracking, and payments.

User Management

A CRM to store and track every trainer’s and learner’s information, including contact details, course enrolments, and user activity.

Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

An LXP that offers personalized learning experiences to learners to enable learning from anywhere and any time.


A comprehensive dashboard with real-time visibility into the overall company’s training performance, courses, enrolments, and learner progress.


Customizable reports provide real-time insights on every aspect of the course programs like course attendance, progress, completion, and more.

Payment & Refund Management

Integration with payment gateways to support the secure transfer and refund of course payments.


Skill Lake can seamlessly integrate with other external systems to help deliver complete training management experience

Easy to get started. Simple to use.
Training and learning are made easy and organized with Skill Lake. We simplify the management and execution of all your training requirements with Skill Lake custom training management system.

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Course Scheduling


Learner Enrolment


Course Delivery

Maximize your training efficiency, and grow your business with our Training Management System

Know about Training Management System

A training management system is a software application that focuses on the back-end operations of training, such as administration, running of courses, scheduling, tracking, reporting, etc. It is considered the center point of the training operations as it gives a complete overview of the entire training initiative of an organization without having to switch between different tools and systems.

Both systems complement each other in their functionalities. A training management system is more centered on the back-office operations of the training process, such as scheduling courses, reporting, managing administration activities, and billing. An LMS focuses on the learning and development aspect of students/employees. It creates and delivers personalized learning environments through customized learning paths, course mentoring, gamified learning, competency mapping, blended learning, and feedback mechanisms.

Scheduling and running many courses without a training management system involve a lot of tedious spreadsheets, hassles of multiple systems, and requires proper coordination between all the teams. All this results in inefficient training management and a waste of teams’ time and effort.

An efficient training management system pulls all the training administration into one place and makes it easy for the administrator and trainer to manage end-to-end training processes. You can access everything from a single platform without hunting across multiple systems.

Training organizations of any size, big or large, can benefit from a training management system. A training management system helps to streamline training processes by quickly organizing, allocating, and scheduling courses based on requirements. It not only saves time for the administrators and trainers but simplifies and accelerates the training process for the learners.

Skill Lake is a comprehensive training management system coupled with a learning experience platform to power your training and learning programs simultaneously. It is a single platform that can streamline all your training-related processes, from course enrollment to certification. Skill Lake can be a great investment for your training business as it can save your organization lots of time and money and help your organization improve its training initiatives.

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