Archiving Courses

Course Managers or Administrators can archive obsolete/irrelevant courses. After the course is archived, it will no longer be available for new enrollments. Archived courses will not be listed in the Course Library as well. The learners who have already enrolled in these courses will not be able to access these courses anymore.

Click on the Manage Courses tab and click on the Settings icon adjacent to the course you want to archive. Click on the Archive icon to archive the course. A confirmation message appears where you can confirm the archival of the course.

In the Manage courses tab, the status of the archived course will be displayed as Archived. 

If you want to take a copy of an archived course, make the necessary edits, and publish it as a new course, you can do so by duplicating the course. Click on the Duplicate course icon to create a duplicate copy of the course. You can click the Unarchive icon if you have mistakenly archived a course. Click on the Delete course icon to delete a course you do not require anymore.

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