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Manage the A to Z of employee learning and development in one place

As your business grows, organizational training becomes more complex. Only a true learning experience platform can customize your learning and development strategy to improve business outcomes. With Skill Lake, you can implement personalized learning paths, dual learning modes, mentoring, competency mapping, feedback mechanism, and other engaging features to orient your learning and development training in the right direction.

Benefits of Skill Lake learning and development training platform

Drive Business Growth

Tailor your organizational training to build a competent and productive workforce that can resolve business challenges and drive ROI.

Promote Learning Accountability

Gain full visibility over organizational training programs, identify skill gaps, and take actions to inculcate a sense of accountability.

Multiple Learning Delivery Options

Facilitate multiple modes of learning – synchronous, asynchronous, and a blend of both based on the nature of courses and the availability of trainers.

Continuous Learning and Growth

Build a culture of continuous learning and growth in your organization through accountability, cooperation, and personalized learning.

Organize Course Materials

Standardize all the learning content, organize it in a searchable course library, and present the course materials to the right user in the right format.

Boost Learner Engagement

Go beyond functional training with personalized learning plans and dedicated mentoring. Convert learning into actions that enhance performance.

Design your learning and development training programs with our experts


Analyze your requirements with our learning and development industry experts and get a budget-friendly estimate.



Update your legacy training content or get it built fully from scratch. Make your courses more engaging, appealing, and relevant to the learners.



Present your learning materials in the most desirable formats - videos, motion graphics, slides, PDF, AR/VR, and more.



Upload your latest courses to Skill Lake LMS or any other content delivery platforms.

Key features that are relevant to your learning development needs

Skill Lake meets all your learning and development training needs, so you can deliver the right learning experience to the right people in the right format.

Personalized Learning Paths

Customize your learning and development strategy to deliver courses that align employee aspirations with your organizational needs.


Mentors can constantly assess the progress made by learners and take measures to boost knowledge retention and learning accountability.

Competency Mapping

Stay in track of your workforce’s competencies, know what skills they lack, and tailor your organizational training programs to upskill your team.

LMS Mobile App

Log in and undergo learning and development training anytime, anywhere through intuitive and secure mobile apps available on both iPhone and Android.


Course Library

Bring all your scattered course content and learning programs in one place. Maintain a well-organized, searchable course library.


Gamified Learning

Virtual rewards, badges, and points that motivate learners to complete courses faster, and further encourage them on their learning journey.

Dual Learning Modes

Mentors can assign self-paced (pre-recorded) courses to learners or conduct live instructor-led sessions, based on the learning goals.


Multi-Cloud Hosting

Host Skill Lake on the cloud of your choice – your private server, public cloud, or on InfinCE, the comprehensive enterprise cloud platform. 

Achieve goals with SCORM Compliant LMS

By using a SCORM compliant LMS, organizations can easily upload, manage, and deliver e-learning content without any added difficulties. This allows them to take advantage of the benefits offered by a SCORM compliant LMS without affecting their organizational goals. We support courses that are compliant with the widely accepted SCORM standards—SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.  

Build a future-ready workforce with Skill Lake learning and development training platform

Frequently Asked Questions

A learning and development system is a software solution that allows you to create, implement, streamline, and manage learning and development programs from a single interface. L&D systems help execute the back-end operations of learning management such as administration, course scheduling, progress tracking, assessment, reporting, etc. The software gives a complete overview of the entire learning initiative of your organization without juggling different tools and systems.

Using a corporate learning and development training system like Skill Lake, it’s easy to align your employee training with larger organizational goals and bolster employee engagement. It saves your training costs and time by automating the mundane tasks in organizational training.

Skill Lake supports different approaches to blended learning such as self-paced learning, Instructor Led Training (ILT), webinars, virtual classroom sessions, gamification, and microlearning. Learn more here.

Yes. Skill Lake offers content modernization service to update your legacy training content. We help redesign and present your e-learning courses in the most engaging and impactful format that appeals to your learners. For example, we can help you create an Augmented Reality classroom or an immersive learning experience powered by Virtual Reality. Transform your e-learning course into videos, slides, PDFs, motion graphics, or any other format that you like.

Yes. Skill Lake offers pre-built SSO connectors that allow easy-implementing of integrations with your organization’s identity provider.