Outgrow a Traditional Healthcare LMS for Training & Development

Train your medical professionals and healthcare workers with a personalized learning journey through our people development platform, Skill Lake.

Tailored Training For Healthcare Personnel with a Learning Experience Platform

As healthcare training becomes increasingly complex and needs to be highly customizable to each healthcare role, a general-purpose healthcare LMS may not be a perfect choice. An LMS together with a learning experience platform is better equipped to provide compelling, engaging, and quality training for people development.
Skill Lake is a learning experience platform (LXP) that transcends a regular healthcare LMS with integral features to provide specialized training to medical staff. Along with common LMS features, such as course assignment and tracking, Skill Lake provides different learning modes, course mentoring, feedback mechanisms, gamification, personalized learning paths, and much more. Another exciting feature of Skill Lake is that it helps create well-planned training courses and suggests course recommendations for healthcare professionals aligned with their learning goals. Investing in an LXP helps to establish a highly productive learning environment for your healthcare professionals.

Skill Lake is Beyond a Regular Healthcare LMS

Facilitate Healthcare-specific Learning

  • Offer focused training to medical practitioners and staff in diverse areas.
  • Meet compliance requirements with adequate training and progress tracking.
  • Incorporate continuing education to fulfill accreditations and expand knowledge.
  • Help new staff be familiar with existing policies and protocols from day one.

Centrally Access Learning Materials

  • Organize all scattered learning materials in a single repository for easy access.
  • Access assigned courses and start learning anywhere, anytime on any device. .
  • Assign user privileges and map the learning progress of all enrolled learners.
  • Integrate with enterprise platforms and get unified access via single sign-on.

Craft Engaging Learning Experiences

  • Deliver learning through a mix of interactive content for improved retention.
  • Encourage learners to do more with virtual rewards and peer recognition.
  • Personalize learning paths for each learner based on their unique needs.
  • Enable healthcare staff to complete learning at their own pace and convenience.

Fully Secure and Easy to Deploy

  • Safeguard learning content and user data with advanced security measures.
  • Define strict user roles and privileges to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Readily deploy on private or public clouds and get it up and running in hours.
  • Seamlessly navigate through the platform’s interface and start learning at once.

Key Features of Skill Lake


Skill Lake features a plain and easily navigable interface that makes learning engaging for all users from ground staff to air traffic crew and airline pilots.


Fast Setup

Readily deploy Skill Lake on a private server or the cloud and configure everything needed in minutes to make the platform ready for your airline staff.


Progress Tracking

Admins can track learner progress on the dashboard at the granular level to identify gaps and help learners progress faster.

Mobile Access

With your airline staff scattered in different locations, Skill Lake’s intuitive mobile application enables easy access to training materials anywhere, anytime.

Virtual Mentoring

Assign mentors to guide your learners across their learning paths, build accountability, and provide career and emotional support.



Engage and motivate learners with virtual rewards, badges, and points upon course completion to further encourage them on their learning journey.