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In Skill Lake, the learners can discover new topics and subscribe to the popular topics (tags) they are interested in. Click on the down arrow near your Profile picture to open the Manage subscriptions page.

View Subscriptions

Subscribing to the topic

In the Manage subscriptions page, click the Discover tab to view the topics you have not subscribed to. Type in the topic you are interested in the ‘Search’ bar and subscribe by clicking the Subscribe button.

View Subscriptions 2

Viewing the subscribed topics

The Subscribed tab displays the topics subscribed by the user. Click on the topic to redirect to the Topics landing page to view the snippets, events, and courses created for this topic.

View Subscriptions 3

Unsubscribing the topic

You can click on the Unsubscribe button to unsubscribe the topic. Once you have unsubscribed the topic, you will not get the recommendations on courses, events and snippets related to this topic on the Learning Feeds page.

View Subscriptions 4
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