What our Clients Say

What our Clients Say

What our Clients Say

What our Clients Say

AI LMS for Effective Learning & Skill Development

Skill Lake breaks free from traditional learning models, going beyond mere content creation and delivery. It champions a learner-centric approach, placing your learners at the heart of the process.

It’s your organization's prime learning hub where instructors can customize and keep tabs on learning, while learners quickly level up their skills. Plus, with our e-learning mobile app, learning is continuous, and accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Beyond Learning Management

What sets Skill Lake AI LMS apart

AI powered


AI-powered Course Recommendations

Our AI engine curates the most relevant courses for users, significantly improving discoverability and creating more effective learning pathways.

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Minimal Learning Curve

Getting started on Skill Lake is a breeze! Admins and course developers require minimal training to use it, while learners can easily navigate the platform thanks to its clean interface.

Engaged Learning


Active Learner Engagement

We focus on making learning highly engaging through creative content formats, personalized course materials, and social learning aspects, vastly improving knowledge retention.

Multiple Learning Modes


HRMS Integrations

Link your HR management systems and their data with Skill Lake, simplifying routine processes from onboarding new hires to on-the-job training and talent retention.

Learning Paths


Content Platform Integrations

Link course delivery and training platforms to import your subscribed course materials and tutorials, making it easy to access and manage them in one place.



Custom Branding

Ensure a consistent experience for users by customizing Skill Lake to match your company's branding. Replicate your brand's look and feel with default color schemes, logos, and more.

A Corporate Learning Platform for Building a Thriving Culture

Track Learner Progress Precisely

  • Mentors can define knowledge areas, assess skill gaps and set up learning paths to bridge the gap.
  • Spot skill gaps, pinpoint where additional learning is required, and recommend courses.
  • As learners advance, you can map their skill levels, share journals, and evaluate progress.

From Clutter to Clarity

  • Bring scattered content into one searchable Course Library.
  • Save resources that can be referred to easily like SOPs and policies.
  • Categorize learning materials by topic for easy access to relevant content.

Your Learning, Your Way!

  • Learners learn at their pace, in their preferred mode.
  • Customize learning content to individual interests, strengths, and needs.
  • Align learning with individual goals and your organization’s needs.

Inspire Learning with Rewards

  • Award badges and certificates to instill a sense of accomplishment in learners.
  • Learners can showcase their achievements and share expertise.
  • Motivate learners to continually seek improvement and explore new areas.

From Learning to Mastery

  • Empower people to develop skills and competencies that impact their jobs.
  • Convert acquired knowledge into action that enhance performance.
  • Mentor and coach for continuous performance improvement.

Hassle-free Course Management

  • Have total control over course design and structure it the way you want.
  • Manage user enrollment and access permissions for various roles.
  • Set up assessments and quizzes to evaluate performance and give feedback.
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Skill Lake Empowers Learners and L&D Teams Alike


Let’s make learning laser-focused and goal-oriented!

Think of it as your control center for creating, implementing, and managing learning programs. Skill Lake handles everything from administration to assessments—a real bird’s-eye view of your learning initiatives!


Let’s shape smarter, more skilled teams together!

Think of Skill Lake’s AI LMS as your employees’ personal tutor. Learning becomes a breeze, enhancing skills and knowledge in a way that feels tailor-made just for them.


Learning on the Go!

Your Pocket-sized Learning Companion

Our intuitive and secure e-learning mobile app lets your users conveniently access and engage with course content on their phones or tablets.

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Enhancing Learning & Development for Every Scenario

Employee Training

Customer Training

Partner Training

Nonprofit Training

Contractor Training

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  • 95% training coverage
  • 66% reduction in compliance costs

Skill Lake transformed Five Brothers' training: digitized materials, simplified compliance training delivery, and made learning versatile through its e-learning mobile app.

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Future-proof Your Digital Learning Assets

Course Creation & Legacy Content Modernization

Build courses from scratch, give old learning materials a facelift, and get expert advice for a winning learning strategy.

AR/VR Experiences Videos

Overcome Cognitive Barriers & Redefine Training With AR/VR Experiences

2D Explainer Videos

Boost Efficiency through Performance-Based Learning In Aviation

Mandatory Training Videos

Ensure ISO 27001/ISMS Awareness Across Your Organization

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Transform Organizational Learning with Skill Lake!

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