Managing Organizational Units

For the Skill Lake installations integrated through an HR System, the user can view the organizational unit name, parent organizational unit and number of groups created under the organizational unit.

You can create as many sub-levels as required for the Organization and the groups/learning groups for the organization. This allows you to build your organizational unit structure in any required format easily.

In the independent installations of Skill Lake, Administrators (users with Administrative privileges) will have permission to define the structure of an organization based on their requirements. The organizational unit structure may contain the parent organizational units and groups. As an administrator, this is where you can manage the actual groups and learning groups at the groups and learning group levels.

Adding organizational units

Click on the Add organizational unit button to create a new organizational unit. 

In the Add organizational unit page, enter the unit title, select the parent organizational unit, add organizational unit image and click on the Save button. 

The created organizational unit will be displayed in the Organizational units page. You can view the organizational unit name, parent organizational unit, count of groups created under this organizational unit and various actions that can be performed.

Click on the Edit icon to update the unit title, parent organizational unit, organizational unit image and click on the Update button.

Click on the Delete icon to delete the organizational unit. The Delete icon will be enabled only if it has no groups created under it.

On clicking the Delete icon, a confirmation message appears, based on which you can delete the organizational unit.

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