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Track Learning and Effectiveness

  • Ensure learning accountability to employees at all levels for meeting development goals.
  • Identify deficiencies in employee skills and mitigate their effects on business metrics.
  • Enable effective learning and domain specialization via individual coaching and mentoring.
  • Improve processes and rectify root causes to avoid competency gaps and maintain efficiency across branches.

Drive Learner Engagement

  • Enable your franchisee employees to access training materials anytime, anywhere.
  • Make learning, development, and achieving goals interesting for your employees through a gamified and personalized learning journey.
  • Promote a true knowledge-sharing culture and cease all communication barriers in the workplace.
  • Bring flexibility in learning by allowing your employees to learn at their own pace or follow a time-constrained course.

Deliver Consistent Learning

  • Make training consistent and seamless for partners and employees for franchisees spread across multiple locations.
  • Keep everyone across business chains notified and updated regarding new products and policies.
  • Ensure standardization for franchises in different locations by bringing evenness in offerings and delivering uniform training.
  • Effectively carry out learning programs on the platform without duplicate training efforts and improve cost-effectiveness.

Smart Content Organization & Publishing

  • Store courses on a centralized repository and seamlessly access training materials when needed.
  • Create and assign tests or assignments using powerful in-built content authoring tools.
  • Deliver training sessions as self-paced or instructor-led or a combination of both to employees.
  • Implement microlearning via bite-sized content to help employees learn at their own pace and achieve goals faster.

Key Features


Skill Lake features a plain and easily navigable interface that makes learning engaging for all kinds of users.


Fast Setup

Readily deploy Skill Lake on a private server or the cloud and configure everything needed in minutes.


Progress Tracking

Admins can track learner progress on the dashboard at the granular level to help learners progress faster.

Mobile Access

Access training materials anywhere, anytime using Skill Lake’s intuitive mobile application.



Engage and motivate learners with virtual rewards, badges, and points upon course completion.

Learning Modes

Offer learning with multiple modes – self-paced, instructor-led, and hybrid delivery.


Course Library

Organize course materials in a single knowledge repository for easy access when needed.

Content Authoring

Create an assortment of training materials – mashups, assessments & more with in-built content authoring tools.

Microlearning Options

Deliver course content in short, bite-sized versions to help learners quickly grasp and for better knowledge retention.

Virtual Mentoring

Assign mentors to guide learners across their learning journey and provide career and emotional support.

We Can Assist in Revamping Your Training Manuals & Course Materials

Do you want a makeover of your training materials?

Yes, we have the expertise with us. Provide us with your learning materials, and we can convert them into a format of your choice. It is as simple as:

  • Provide your training manuals, course materials, or guides and the required format.
  • Our team analyzes your requirements and provides you with an estimate.
  • Further, our team enriches your learning materials to desired multiple content formats- from videos to presentations, motion graphics, ppt, pdf, AR/VR, etc.
  • Finally, upload it to Skill Lake LMS or any content platforms.

Enrich your training programs by efficiently designing engaging and impactful course materials at scale with this add-on service of content modernization.

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