Go Beyond a Franchise LMS For People Development

Provide an effective and personalized learning experience for employees across all your franchises through a single learning experience platform (LXP), Skill Lake.

Scale Your Learning Needs on a Single Learning Experience Platform

Consistent and quality training for all franchisees and their employees is a crucial part of franchise businesses. A franchise LMS just helps organize and track training programs, but bringing an LXP into your LMS can offer your employees tailored learning paths and robust skill development insights.
Skill Lake is a learning experience platform that helps franchises provide employees with constructive and personalized learning paths. Some key features of Skill Lake include competency mapping, gamification, mobile learning, course mentoring, and feedback mechanisms that make franchise training programs user-focused and engaging. It opens the workforce to a world of learning opportunities by curating course materials and tailoring course recommendations based on their performance and learning history. In short, Skill Lake can propel people development into a new era of customized learning experiences.

Skill Lake is Beyond a Traditional Franchise LMS

Track Learning and Effectiveness

  • Promote learning accountability for employees at all levels in different franchises by setting development goals and ensuring their achievement imperatively.
  • Assign your custom courses based on each employee’s learning pace and aligned with the franchise’s goals and objectives.
  • Built-in reports for tracking employee activities, skill gaps, learning advancements, and the success of each training program.
  • Enable seamless coaching through self-paced or instructor-led approaches for your training courses.

Seamless Learning

  • Include gaming elements in your training programs to boost employee engagement and improve learning curves.
  • Implement microlearning via bite-sized content to help employees understand courses better and achieve goals faster.
  • Bring flexibility in learning through self-paced or instructor-led or a combination of both at employees’ convenience.

Dynamic Training Environment

  • Create and manage customized training courses for employees relevant to your franchise norms and regulations.
  • Access training courses via a desktop or mobile app at employees’ convenience for broad engagement.
  • Centralized storage to upload training courses and learning materials to facilitate easy and anytime access by employees.
  • Assign trained mentors or coaches to leverage specialized knowledge or provide extra support.

Create your Curriculum

  • Craft training courses that is unique to your brand, and makes sure all your employees are trained consistently.
  • Curate and assign tests, assignments, mashups, or quizzes relevant to your franchise.
  • Support visually appealing content or videos to pique interest in learners and drive engagement.
  • Update your learning materials and course programs to ensure employees are at par with the latest policies, products, or services.

Key Features of Skill Lake


Simple and attractive learner interface that makes it easy for employees to use and navigate irrespective of any technical knowledge.


Fast Setup

Easy to deploy and set up on private servers or on the cloud complying with your organizational IT specifications.


Progress Tracking

Track learners’ progress on the dashboard at the granular level to assess their skill gaps and help them progress better.

Mobile Access

Make training easy and seamless for your franchisees with Skill Lake’s intuitive mobile application.

Virtual Mentoring

Provide mentors or coaches to provide extra support or guide learners on specialized skills needed for your franchise.



The rewarding eLearning experiences enabled through the gamification feature makes learning interesting and easy to retain.