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Best-in-class course creation services to realize your knowledge transfer vision

The modern workforce has transformed not just the way they work or collaborate, but also how they learn. It forces organizations to make their training programs more accessible, interactive, and future-ready. Skill Lake helps you navigate this market shift by offering the best of both worlds – we can create high-impact course content customized to your learners’ training requirements or modernize your existing training content into deeply-engaging formats.


Adapt your content creation strategy and training for the future workforce

We help you develop a professionally crafted content creation strategy to successfully implement digital learning in your organization.

Course Creation Services

When you outsource content creation to Skill Lake, we combine our expertise with your vision to create courses that exactly meet your organization’s training objectives and fit your budget.


Content Modernization Services

Transform your current training materials into versatile formats that deeply engage your learners – videos, motion graphics, interactive slide decks, GIFs, and so on.


Content Creation Consulting

Bridge your organizational training goals and course materials to make your workforce future-ready. Consult our experts to create your customized training roadmap and stay on track of your training management.


LMS Platform To Roll Out Courses

Skill Lake is a holistic learning experience and people development platform packed with a horde of features such as personalized learning paths, gamification, mentoring, diverse course delivery modes, and more to help trainers reach their highest potential.

Meet Your Unique Training Needs

Meet the unique training requirements of your organization, no matter whether you’re a small or medium business or a large corporation, regardless of the industry you belong to.


Manage All Your Content in One Place

Skill Lake provides a reliable and stable course management platform to publish and distribute your training content from anywhere. Get all the resources in one place to make your training impactful and outstanding.

Explore our content creation capabilities that make a difference

AR/VR Simulation Experiences

Provide an interactive and immersive learning experience to your employees by creating virtual experiences and simulations. Unlock new training experiences and opportunities with AR and VR.

2D Educational Videos to Complex Explainer Videos

We create 2D animated explainer videos, motion graphics videos, live-action cum animation hybrid explainer videos to help trainers present complex concepts in a simple and engaging way.

Integrate SME Opinion into Video Content

Integrate subject matter expert (SME) content gathered from conferences, webinars, or meetings into your training programs through short and catchy videos and graphics.

Video Creation for Mandatory Training Courses

Monotonous and mandatory organizational training content like compliance courses or wage and hour laws can be converted into highly-engaging videos that engross your employees.

Mandatory Training Videos

Ensure ISO 9001/ISMS Awareness Across Your Organization

2D Explainer Videos

Understand Risk-Based Testing: A beginner’s guide to QA Testing

2D Explainer Videos

Make Ownership & Accountability a Core Part of Your Workplace

Application Explainer Videos

A Comprehensive Walkthrough of the Modern Digital Workplace – InfinCE

AR/VR Experiences Videos

Overcome Cognitive Barriers & Redefine Training With AR/VR Experiences

2D Explainer Videos

Boost Efficiency through Performance-Based Learning In Aviation

Mandatory Training Videos

Ensure ISO 27001/ISMS Awareness Across Your Organization

Reimagine your content with Skill Lake. Build impactful, future-ready training courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating content for LMS initially requires developing a well-defined process that takes into account the following factors:

  • Define the right learning objectives that match your organization’s vision
  • Design the learning experience by building your content in the right format
  • Make learning accessible to all the learners- for eg: mobile learning, self-paced learning, synchronous, asynchronous, and blended learning
  • Conduct assessments to measure learning progress and provide feedback to learners
  • Post-learning surveys
  • Include virtual awards or gamification to motivate learners further on their journey

Choose an LMS that supports the above aspects, so you can create courses that deliver positive learning outcomes.

eLearning content development refers to the process of creating course materials that are relevant to your organization’s strategic learning objectives and allow your team to achieve increased levels of job satisfaction. At Skill Lake, we offer personalized content generation services that align your organizational goals with your employees’ learning requirements.

Step 1: Define your content goals. Consider what you want your content to accomplish.
Step 2: Analyze your audience. Evaluate how your learners’ needs intersect with your content goals.
Step 3: Formulate your content creation strategy. Define, research, plan, and execute your content strategy.
Step 4: Create your content. Collaborate, brainstorm, and give life to your content in distinctive appealing formats.
Step 5: Publish and distribute your content. Import your content into the content management system. Once your course is live, track how your content is performing.

Yes. Skill Lake offers content modernization service to update your legacy training content. We help redesign and present your eLearning courses in the most engaging and impactful format that appeals to your learners. For example, we can help you create an AR or VR simulation to offer your learners a highly interactive and immersive experience. Transform your eLearning course into videos, slides, PDFs, motion graphics, or any other format that you like.

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