An Intuitive LXP for Highly Adaptive Learning

Facilitating personalized and engaging corporate learning for individual and organizational growth.

Complex Systems

Leveraging an LMS solution is a must. However, it doesn’t contribute much to a streamlined L&D process if the system is complex, lacks a user-friendly design, and is not interactive.

Modern, User-friendly LMS

An LMS that implements modern technologies yet is simple to use helps organizations quickly adapt to new ways of learning and fosters a culture of growth.

Safe Learning Environment

Enabling secured user controls and access to courses and learning materials helps cultivate a safer learning environment for remote, online, and offline learners.

Interactive Features

Interactive features like engaging feeds and learning bytes make learning more interesting, captivating, and dynamic.

AR/VR Experiences

When digital LMS platforms implement modern technologies like AR and VR, learning takes a whole new level, enabling improved learner engagement and knowledge retention rates.

Lack of Personalization

An L&D process that does not contribute to a tailored learning experience that aligns with the learners’ career goals or the organization’s workflow becomes a burden on the organization.

Clear Learning Paths

Bundling all required courses and activities into a single package and developing a well-structured learning path to bridge each individual’s skill gap or profile drives learning efficiency.


Skill Lake ensures easy learning with seamless integration with third-party tools that help users easily access and subscribe to courses of their choice.

Learning Flexibility

Allowing learners to choose from self-enroll, group-enroll, or instructor-led courses helps provide the learning flexibility to drive an effective L&D process.

Interactive Learning

Skill Lake helps set an interactive learning environment through personalized course recommendations, quick and transparent views of events, learning bytes, and other visually appealing and dynamic features to keep learners engaged at all times.

Tracking & Reporting

Organizations with remote learners often need help in accurately mapping training progress. This reduces learning accountability, which in turn affects overall company productivity and learner efficiency.

Competency Mapping

Allowing custom-grading methods, Skill Lake streamlines mapping competency levels of each individual accurately to identify any skill gaps and take prompt actions quickly.

Real-time Insights

Real-time insights on learner performance and the ability to consistently track training progress and generate customized reports help with effective monitoring and analysis.

Complete Digitization

Digitizing learning paths, course management, progress tracking, and report generation help streamline the entire L&D process, offering greater control and seamless management.

Easy Monitoring and Feedback Sharing

Allowing assigned mentors to share knowledge, provide feedback, suggest courses, and monitor progress effortlessly helps foster a supportive learning environment.


Modern learning requirements need modern solutions that focus on interactive experiences, facilitate learning from anywhere, and implement emerging technologies to create a secure, unique, and consistent learning experience.


The flexibility to host an LMS platform on preferred cloud models - public or private—helps drive personalization in the L&D process throughout the organization.


Especially when remote learners are involved, allowing mobile or eLearning helps promote a growing learning culture within the organization.


Incorporating gaming elements like badges based on scores, course completions, and duration of learning helps boost excitement and interest in learning.

AI/ML Course Recommendation

AI/ML-driven course suggestions help easily direct rich course materials to relevant candidates, elevating learning experiences and personalization.

Explore Unique & Modernized Learning Experiences with Skill Lake

Personalized Learning
Mobile App
Course Library
Course Management
Blended Learning Modes
Learning Paths
Interactive Feed
AI/ML Course Recommendations
Easy Mentoring
Learning Bytes
Learning Journals
SCORM Compliant
User Management
Flexible Cloud Hosting
AR/VR Learning Experiences
Competence Management & Mapping
Multiple Learning Modes
Books & SOPs

What makes Skill Lake different from other LXP Platforms?

Success Stories

Building better learning experiences with Skill Lake

Catering to the learning needs of a multigenerational workforce

A global IT company on the cusp of transitioning into a large organization deployed Skill Lake to build a successful learning culture, make employee onboarding more convenient, and effectively administer courses catering to the learning needs of a multigenerational workforce spread across geographies.

This considerably streamlined training, reduced manual efforts, saved time, and elevated learner engagement, which earned them the “Great Place to Work” Award.

  • 67% reduction in training costs
    High savings on people development, onboarding, and employee training initiatives
  • 5X increase in learner engagement
    Achieved enhanced engagement through personalized learning paths, multiple course delivery modes, and the integration of gamified elements.

eLearning LMS capabilities for an asset management company

Five Brothers, a leading asset management solutions provider, uses our learning management software to provide up-to-date and consistent on-the-job training to their employees, so they can interact and engage with their clients more effectively.

  • All prescribed courses made accessible on mobile
  • Easy-to-use course library with on-demand access to training content
  • Boosted employee morale with interactive and engaging learning experience
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Simplifying compliance training for a digital healthcare platform

ZH Healthcare, a pioneer of digital healthcare, switched to Skill Lake LMS to simplify compliance training and the maintenance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The platform facilitated the seamless enrollment and training of employees while also streamlining the onboarding process for new hires.

  • Achieved a 72% reduction in cost for compliance
  • Improved learner engagement by facilitating the creation of content in varied, engaging formats through our inbuilt content authoring tool
  • Helped set learning objectives and track the progress of all enrolled learners

Effective training management for a leading retail company

A global retail company with operations spread worldwide switched to Skill Lake’s comprehensive web and mobile learning platform to host and deliver training from anywhere.

As a result, their staff at geographically dispersed centers were able to access training materials conveniently on their mobile, broadening training coverage and saving costs.

  • Increased training coverage by 99%, up from the previous 29%
  • Achieved $93,000 savings in overall training costs
  • Transformed regular PDF manuals into engaging, high-quality learning resources

eLearning LMS solutions for a religious non-profit organization

TROTB, an international Christian non-profit organization, quickly switched to online training with Skill Lake LMS software and earned more savings on training costs, reduced volunteer churn, and improved training efficiency.

With Skill Lake LMS, the customer achieved:

  • 60% reduction in the total operating costs
    Tremendous savings on venue, travel, accommodation, and more
  • 30% improvement in training efficiency
    Personalized mentoring and learning makes training more coherent
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Advanced Mobile Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Engineered for Future Success

Preparing Your Workforce for the Future

  • Our LXP mobile app supports learning from anywhere, ensuring no growth restrictions for your team.
  • Enabling streamlined competency management and skill mapping, Skill Lake helps foster a culture of accountable learning throughout the organization.
  • With interactive elements, Skill Lake helps learners grasp complex contexts faster, allowing a stronger and more skilled workforce.
  • With Skill Lake, easily identify skill gaps and promote necessary training to build a future-ready workforce.

Customize Learning Paths

  • The LXP mobile app tailors learning experiences to users' preferences and goals.
  • Replace monotonous lengthy course materials with interactive Presentations, videos, and more to make learning interesting.
  • Learners can either opt for self-paced learning or instructor-led training based on their preferences and learning abilities.
  • Enabling synchronous and asynchronous learning, learning bytes, and interactive feeds, Skill Lake helps learners grasp knowledge most effectively.

Create A Unified And Compelling Learning Experience

  • Maintain a cohesive brand image throughout your Learning Experience Platform (LXP).
  • Customize the platform with your brand colors, logos, and style for a tailored user experience.
  • Impress users and stakeholders with a polished and branded LXP interface, reinforcing professionalism.
  • Incorporate branding elements to strengthen your organization's identity within the learning environment.

Create A Stronger, More Productive Partnership

  • Training content or course materials can be shared securely through restricted access controls.
  • Get a transparent view and enable centralized training management through a single app.
  • Offer valuable training opportunities to a broader audience, fostering stronger relationships.
  • Allow partners, staff, and other users to access training from anywhere without any hassle or extra cost.

Learning Management Software for Future-Proofing Your Workforce

Empower Employees Through Actionable Learning

  • Incorporate real-world scenarios, hands-on activities, and opportunities to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills immediately.
  • Provide employees with personalized guidance and support as they navigate their learning journey.
  • Provide tools and resources to make learning more interesting.

Foster a Culture of Continuous Learning

  • Clearly define the specific learning objectives for each employee, ensuring they align with their individual and organizational goals.
  • Track employee progress toward their learning goals, utilize intuitive dashboards, and regulate check-ins with managers or mentors with ease.
  • Encourage open and regular communication between employees, managers, and mentors to provide constructive feedback on learning progress.

Achieve Measurable Business Outcomes

  • Empower employees with the necessary skills to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently.
  • Cultivate a continuous learning culture, foster employee engagement, and reduce employee turnover and associated costs.
  • Equip employees with the knowledge and skills to adapt to change, enabling organizations to respond swiftly to market opportunities and challenges.

Streamline Your Learning Materials

  • Our comprehensive course library helps maintain a single repository of all courses, as well as access them quickly.
  • Sort your materials into categories and label each category clearly to quickly identify and access the information you need.
  • Securely share course materials with users through restricted user controls, regardless of their location.

Facilitate Interaction and Collaboration Among Learners

  • Encourage students or employees to interact and engage with mentors, instructors, and content.
  • Foster a sense of community and knowledge sharing, allowing users to consistently share feedback and interact with instructors.
  • Collaborative features in an LMS promote active participation, critical thinking, and the development of teamwork and communication skills.

Tailoring Learning Experiences

  • AI/ML elements enables users to connect with the right content and course materials that aligns with their career goals.
  • Allows discussions, group training, and collaborative problem-solving, enhancing the depth of understanding and encouraging diverse perspectives.
  • Gamification, awards, badges and other interactive elements achieved at various progress levels, encourages learning and fosters a culture of continuous development.

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Frequently asked question

An LXP, or Learning Experience Platform, is designed to offer a more personalized and learner-centric approach to education and training. It focuses on content curation, social learning, and user engagement. In contrast, an LMS (Learning Management System) is more administrative, primarily used for course management and tracking learner progress.

An LXP mobile app allows learners to access training content anytime, anywhere, making learning more flexible and convenient. It provides a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and engagement with content on mobile devices, enhancing the learning experience.

An LXP uses AI and machine learning algorithms to curate and recommend relevant learning materials based on a learner’s preferences, performance, and goals. It ensures that learners have access to the most suitable and engaging content for their needs.

An LXP often includes features like discussion boards, chat, and collaboration tools that promote social learning. Learners can interact with peers, share knowledge, and engage in discussions, fostering a sense of community and collaborative learning.

An LXP tailors the learning experience by offering personalized learning paths, content recommendations, and adaptive assessments. It considers individual learning styles and preferences, allowing each learner to progress at their own pace.

Yes, many LXP apps offer integration capabilities with popular organizational tools such as HR systems, CRM software, and other learning technologies. This integration ensures that training is aligned with broader organizational goals and workflows.

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