Monitoring of the Learner’s Progress

In Skill Lake, every learner has an assigned mentor responsible for assigning courses, tests, and assignments. The mentor is responsible for monitoring the learner’s progress on the assigned courses, tests, and assignments.

A mentor can view the list of all the assigned learners under the “Mentor” tab. Click on a learner’s name to get the details of all courses assigned to the learner.

The “Learning Overview” section gives the summary of all the courses in which the learner is enrolled. Click on the View details link in the Learning overview section to get a detailed view of the courses the learner is enrolled in.

Click on the Progress icon in the Courses section to view the progress of the learner by unit.

The Course progress screen gives the details of learning progress by Unit. The mentor can also see the Test scores and attempts.

For planning out a learning schedule for the Learner and to set learning goals, a Mentor can use the “Learning Plan” feature. Refer to the article on “Learning Plan” for more details.

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