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  • L&D in Hybrid Work Culture

    Tips on L&D in Hybrid Work Culture in the Post-pandemic Corporate World

    Corporations have reopened their doors, and many have started embracing hybrid workplace models that incorporate features of both work-from-home and in-office models. The hybrid workplace is here to stay.  According to a survey, nine out of ten businesses will combine in-office and remote work. “There is no going back,” says Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel

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  • Modern Corporate LMS

    Top 5 Essential Features for a Modern Corporate LMS

    The modern-day corporate workforce is stepping into a new digital reality driven by three powerful aspects: collaboration, communication, and coordination. In this continuously evolving digital landscape, we need constant upskilling, dynamic people management, and effective training. Be it onboarding new employees or training existing employees, a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) has been one of

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  • LMS for Healthcare

    LMS for the Healthcare Industry – The How and Why of it all

    Inefficient communication costs hospitals millions of dollars every year. Healthcare organizations can curb such losses by implementing modern technological solutions that streamline and automate communication. Collaborative Learning methods can open avenues to provide adequate staff training and improve overall team productivity. While the goal is to spend less time on training while learning more relevant

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  • Corporate eLearning

    Debunking Five Popular Myths about Corporate eLearning

    While the pandemic has accelerated the need to go remote and virtual, the digital revolution has caught up in a frenzy. Technology is reshaping the future of work across every aspect so much for today’s workforce to stay relevant, competent, and competitive. As a result, corporate learning and upskilling are an absolute must. Organizations worldwide

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  • Non-profits

    Learning Management Systems for Non-Profits: Unlocking the Benefits

    The pandemic compelled many non-profit organizations (NPOs) to respond quickly to the outbreak and the economic crisis that followed, forcing them to make hard decisions. These forces resulted in stressful revamping (e.g., layoffs, reduced programming, remote work, organizational restructuring). It is estimated that 37% of such organizations reduced their workforce due to the pandemic. However,

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