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  • learning and development in HR

    Learning and Development in HR using an L&D Platform

    Are you a professional looking to enrich your career in a way that is in sync with the rest of your life’s facets? Or are you one of those companies hunting for employees who can meet today’s challenges and fast-paced changes? Whatever team you are in, an HR team with a knowledgeable Learning and Development

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  • what is synchronous learning

    What is Synchronous Learning? Benefits of Online Training

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could provide a mentor who can resolve employees’ doubts on the spot?  Yes! An L&D platform can facilitate Synchronous learning or instructor-led training, which is all about instant workplace communication training. Synchronous training supports information gathering for everyone in your organization at one go, ensuring equity and diversity in

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  • Employee Retention Strategies / how to retain employees

    Employee Retention Strategies: Why L&D Platforms Matter

    How to Retain Employees? Employees aspire to do their job well. Therefore, they pursue different ways to enhance their skills and abilities to better themselves at what they do. But what avenues do companies offer their employees to achieve their goals?  Falling employee engagement and rising employee turnover point to the fact that companies are

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  • upskilling and reskilling employees

    Upskilling and Reskilling Employees: The Key to Staying Ahead

    You have reached this page probably because you searched for ‘Ways to upskilling and reskilling employees’ or ‘An LMS that is best for employee reskilling.’  Whatever your search words were, we are sure you are part of an amazing organization invested in people’s development. Gladly, let us assure you that you have reached the right

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  • Corporate Training Platform for your Business

    Tips for Choosing the Right Corporate Training Platform for your Business

    LMS solutions assist your business in better training employees and actively engaging them. The right corporate training platform can provide you with the desired results and assist you in reaching your business objectives. In 2020, the eLearning Market surpassed 250 billion USD and was predicted to grow at a CAGR of more than 21% between

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