TROTB Improves volunteer retention by 50% with Skill Lake Learning Experience Platform

The global pandemic forced TROTB to call off their onsite training schedules. In no time, they moved to online training and resumed their discipleship programs with the help of Skill Lake. Higher savings on training costs, lower volunteer churn, and improved training efficiency helped TROTB achieve their goals without breaking a sweat.


The Repairers Of The Breach (TROTB) Ministries is an international Christian non-profit organization founded with the mission to see transformation delivered all across the world by raising and equipping disciples of Jesus Christ. The organization aims to reach several nations through their discipleship training programs. TROTB’s focus areas include REACH (networking among leaders and pastors through conferences and workshops), TRAIN (Leadership & discipleship training programs to create an environment for spiritual growth), and TRANSFORM (community projects). With a large group of trained leaders, they continue to expand into new regions and countries.

Challenges in Managing Onsite Trainings

TROTB’s discipleship programs primarily include onsite trainings that require trainers to travel to different countries. They also have regional teams that organize workshops, seminars, and conferences based on the needs of local churches in the region. Trainings happen twice a year in each region for batches of 25 students. Their onsite training execution suffered a severe setback due to the following challenges:

Volunteer Attrition

Volunteer Attrition

The organization primarily runs the training programs with the help of regional volunteers. The lack of effective tools to train and mentor volunteers led to higher attrition among volunteers. The volunteers found it difficult to realize the positive societal impact of these programs.

High Cost and Effort

High Cost and Effort

Onsite training programs claimed more expenditure and effort in terms of venue rentals, travel costs, event organization, and other expenses.

Pandemic Takes a Toll

Pandemic Takes a Toll

Onsite training programs came to a standstill with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing regulations, lockdowns, and restrictions to travel and gather pushed the customer to find alternative solutions to continue the training programs.

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How Skill Lake Features Helped TROTB

The most common issues in corporate training management can hold back your training return on investment (ROI). A fair understanding of the challenges will help you solve them.

Dual learning mode 1

Dual-mode Learning

Skill Lake’s dual-mode learning comprises both self-paced as well as instructor-led online training sessions.

  • Self-paced recorded sessions are designed to “Train the Trainers”. Trainers can easily refer to these recorded sessions during the weekdays.
  • Learners can use the instructor-led sessions to clarify their questions during weekends. Most of these sessions are related to personality development.
Course library 1

Course Library

With the help of Skill Lake, TROTB created a searchable course library to maintain all their training content, courses, and learning resources centrally, in one place. Trainers as well as students can save their time and effort by looking up the courses in the navigable online library.

Different Types of Engaging Content

Different Types of Engaging Content

Skill Lake supports creating different course formats through content mashups that include AR/ VR interactive experiences and simulations, live-action and animated explainer videos, interactive slide decks, rich motion graphics, attractive PDFs, subject matter expert sessions, and more to make the training programs highly engaging and interesting for learners.

Certificates and Badges

Certificates and Badges

Virtual rewards, certificates, and badges are issued to students who successfully complete courses and attend workshops. This motivates students to complete their courses faster and enroll for future training programs.


Personalized Mentoring

Discipleship program mentors can use Skill Lake to:

  • Design the courses keeping in mind the long-term objectives
  • Track the progress made by volunteers using the learner dashboard
  • Mentor each learner personally based on their areas of interest and specific training objectives

Skill Lake’s individualized mentoring abilities enabled TROTB to improve their students’ knowledge retention and learning accountability.

Pre assign Courses 1

Pre-assign Courses

Using the Skill Lake platform, TROTB’s training administrators can assign courses to volunteers even before they join, so they get to know the high level objectives of the training programs. Course previews go a long way in reducing volunteer attrition.

Tests and Evaluations

Tests and Evaluations

Mentors can easily conduct tests after each course module (or at the end of each course) to reaffirm the understanding and learning progress of volunteers. Mentors can evaluate the test results and convey their feedback to students which improves learner engagement and motivation.

Benefits of Skill Lake Adoption

Skill Lake assisted TROTB to smoothly transition from onsite to online instructor-led training during the pandemic by connecting their trainers and students across the world.

60 reduction in the total operating costs

60% reduction in the total operating costs

Tremendous savings on venue, travel, accommodation, and more

30 improvement in training efficiency

30% improvement in training efficiency

Personalized mentoring and learning makes training more coherent

50 decline in volunteer attrition

50% decline in volunteer attrition

Volunteers truly understand the goal and purpose of discipleship programs

200 volunteers across the globe

200+ volunteers across the globe

Better alignment of volunteer goals with organizational objectives

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