Beyond a Maritime LMS for Marine Crew Training

Employ Skill Lake, the next-generation learning experience platform (LXP), for effective training and people development in your maritime organization.

Personalized Learning Experiences for Maritime Crews with Our LXP

The maritime industry is heavily regulated with tons of complex rules, guidelines, and regulations that must be followed. A regular maritime LMS won’t suffice the complex training requirements, but an LMS in conjunction with a learning experience platform, can proactively provide personalized training and close any learning gaps.
Skill Lake is a people development platform that helps to upscale or reskill your maritime workforce through future-ready learning experiences, personalized learning paths, course mentoring, mobile learning, blended learning, feedback mechanisms, and much more. It provides access to curated content and generates course recommendations for employees based on previous training and skill sets. Skill Lake LXP is a one-size-fits-all solution for people development and training needs.

Skill Lake is Beyond a Maritime LMS

Training & Assessments

  • Craft your training modules as per company requirements.
  • Personalize infrastructure and conduct assessments to find the best candidate who can be assigned a particular responsibility.
  • Conduct assessments in language, competency, personality, and aptitude to select the best candidate that fits your expectations.
  • Assist marine companies in hosting assessments related to construction standards, navigational rules, and crew competence standards that seafarers must uphold.
  • Efficiently and cost-effectively manage the training of seafarers in qualification standards as required by the maritime industry.

Learning Material Creation Support

  • Our in-house media team could help convert your learning material into training videos specific to the organization.
  • 3D and VR content making capabilities can help in the creation of immersive training videos for Skill Lake LMS or any other related platforms.


  • Gain visibility through the collective report system of Skill Lake LMS, and manage training courses for the organization.
  • 3Maritime management can gain insightful reports at the granular level for employees at any hierarchical level and take appropriate actions.
  • The management will have a correct track of details like which seafarer needs more training on what and how intensively they need training based on the generated reports.
  • The reports will catalyze decision-making through an intuitive dashboard, in-depth insights, and company-wide performance tracking for specific exams.

Remote Management

  • Crew managers and supervisors can manage their learning materials from the ashore installation to all vessel installations, thus reducing overhead costs associated with in-person training.
  • Users can be remotely enrolled in courses with appropriate commands to back automatic enrollment on each vessel.
  • With remote learning, seafarers can shuttle back and forth between self-learning and hands-on experience on vessels.
  • With access to the learning content ‘anytime, anywhere, and any device’, this marine learning system supports training at the employee’s convenience.

Key Features of Skill Lake

Dual Training Modes

Maritime employees can choose between self-paced or instructor-led learning as per the course intensity and convenience of the seafarer.


User Management

Configure user roles as per the needs of the organization and flexibly assign administrative rights to favor the desired level of autonomy.

LMS Availability

Skill Lake LMS is accessible from anywhere, anytime, and on any device, adding to a workforce of maritime employees spread across the globe.

People Accountability

Ensure accountability at individual, department, organization, or intermediate levels by setting and tracking objectives.

Virtual Mentoring

For the maritime industry, edifying employees through virtual mentoring for their learning journey is the best option, as they are always in conveyance.


Course Content

Craft learning courses and share them across organizations/offices through resource libraries in multimedia formats for better user engagement.

Company-centric branding

User-friendly and customized branding with hierarchically configured units and permissions, infusing company culture in the responsibilities seafarers perform.


Gamified Learning

The gamified learning approaches of Skill Lake with virtual rewards for accomplishing specific stages make learning fun for seafarers.


Simple Dashboard

Robust dashboard that assists instructors in viewing the training progress of allocated employees and offers a single repository for courses.

Keep Organization Updated

Easily map your industry’s workforce competencies and always stay updated on your employees’ competencies and skillsets.

SCORM Compliant LMS

Through the hassle-free upload, management, and delivery of SCORM content, organizations can seamlessly meet their learning & development goals through Skill Lake. We support courses that are compliant with the widely accepted SCORM standards—SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. 

Revamp your Legacy Training Content into Highly Impactful Learning Materials

Do you want a makeover of your training materials?

Yes, we have the expertise with us. Provide us with your learning materials, and we can convert them into a format of your choice. It is as simple as:

  • Provide your training manuals, course materials, or guides and the required format.
  • Our team analyzes your requirements and provides you with an estimate.
  • Further, our team enriches your learning materials to desired multiple content formats- from videos to presentations, motion graphics, ppt, pdf, AR/VR, etc.
  • Finally, upload your content to Skill Lake and distribute it among your employees.

Enrich your training programs by efficiently designing engaging and impactful course materials at scale with this add-on service of content modernization.

Take Your Maritime Workforce on an Unprecedented Learning Experience

Leverage the exclusive features of Skill Lake and organize personalized training metrics for your crew and organization.

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