More than a Regular LMS For Aviation Training

Deploy personalized aviation training and keep your staff updated on the changing norms and regulations through Skill Lake, our learning experience platform.

Learning Experience Platform for Standardized Aviation Training

With a broad range of federal regulations, laws, and standards, it has become mandatory to keep airline staff regularly educated on the same. An aviation LMS solely lets the admin assign and track their training courses, but by merging with a learning experience platform (LXP), you can provide user-focussed aviation training in a more personalized and engaging fashion.
Here’s where a learning experience platform like Skill Lake can help. This people development platform focuses on individual learning experiences by curating and recommending course suggestions best suited to their profiles. It helps training and learning to be more interactive and engaging through personalized learning paths, gamification, mentoring, mobile learning, dual learning modes, feedback mechanisms, and much more. Skill Lake offers the most optimal learning experience for employees and organizations alike.

Skill Lake is Beyond an Aviation LMS

Deploy Standardized Training & Best Practices

  • Host and dispense aviation course content designed by subject matter experts.
  • Enhance skills and conceptual knowledge by training staff in varied areas.
  • Deliver airline management courses to optimize operations and service.
  • Enable targeted learning in health & safety, toolbox talks, customer service, etc.

Enable Learning Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

  • Serve training to a globally dispersed workforce to keep them updated.
  • Access training materials on mobile to learn from anywhere or on the go.
  • Centrally organize aviation training content for easy retrieval when needed.
  • Optimize training and do away with the hassles of the learning process.

Raise Learning Engagement with Gamification

  • Motivate learners to achieve learning goals with virtual rewards and points.
  • Enhance knowledge retention with a mix of interactive learning content.
  • Tailor personalized learning paths based on individual learning capabilities.
  • Build a continuous learning culture via adaptive training and learner recognition.

Ready to Deploy & Easy to Use

  • Easily deploy Skill Lake on private servers or the cloud and start right away.
  • Seamlessly navigate the interface and familiarize with the platform quickly.
  • Fully secure learning content and user data with advanced security measures.
  • Prevent unauthorized access by defining user roles and single sign-on options.

Key Features of Skill Lake


Skill Lake features a plain and easily navigable interface that makes learning engaging for all users from ground staff to air traffic crew and airline pilots.


Fast Setup

Readily deploy Skill Lake on a private server or the cloud and configure everything needed in minutes to make the platform ready for your airline staff.


Progress Tracking

Admins can track learner progress on the dashboard at the granular level to identify gaps and help learners progress faster.

Mobile Access

With your airline staff scattered in different locations, Skill Lake’s intuitive mobile application enables easy access to training materials anywhere, anytime.

Virtual Mentoring

Assign mentors to guide your learners across their learning paths, build accountability, and provide career and emotional support.



Engage and motivate learners with virtual rewards, badges, and points upon course completion to further encourage them on their learning journey.

Learning Modes

Offer learning with multiple modes – self-paced, instructor-led, and hybrid delivery for convenience and to improve the pace of learners in mastering new skills.