Contractor Training

Contract work has soared by 56% over the last decade owing to its flexible nature and the significant reduction in costs by 20 – 50%, quotes SHRM. However, the downsides cannot be disregarded. The high contractor turnover rates force safety managers to administer training on company policies and procedures, compliance, and industry standards repeatedly to multiple batches. On-site training also results in high costs. Not anymore! Skill Lake transforms your contract workforce into a strategic force that drives your business from day one.

Course Library

Convert your extensive paperwork into digitized documents and make them available at one place – the Course Library. Train anywhere, anytime through web-based recorded sessions on a self-paced mode to multiple batches.

Tests & Assignments

Evaluate comprehension through tests and assignments and ascertain that your contractors are equipped with the critical skills to handle their jobs.

Gamified Learning

Award certificates and badges to your contractors which they can share with peers, promoting social learning.

Reporting & Tracking

Monitor the learning progress of your contract workforce at scale in real time through detailed reports.

Step 1Create a Course Library

Convert your paper-based data into digitized text, image, audio, video, and PDF files and upload them to the course library.

Step 2Assign Courses

  • Deliver self-paced courses that contractors can pursue at their own pace, or instructor-led courses through live sessions, based on the scope, duration and skill sets needed for specific jobs.
  • Duplicate instructor-led courses and modify select information – recent updates, trainer information, schedule and more, to administer them to multiple batches with ease!

Step 3Test Comprehension

  • Develop role-specific graded or guided tests and administer them to contractors to assess their know-how
  • Share performance feedback with contractors on their individual profiles for corrective action and improvement

Step 4Offer Incentives for Accomplishments

  • Certify your contractors even before they report for work! Award certificates and badges for completing courses and achieving milestones.
  • Encourage contractors to share their achievements with peers to inspire learning.

Step 5Track and Suggest Improvements

Analyze detailed reports on course enrollments, status of completion and more, track progress, and take corrective action.

Step 6Grant Access to the Learner Dashboard

Promote learning accountability by offering contractors a detailed view of the entire learning history, progress, and future plans on the “Learner Dashboard”.

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