Learning Management System for Customer Training

A Customer Training Platform That’s Beyond Any Regular LMS

Customer training LMS to educate customers about your offerings, enable faster onboarding, and maximize ROI and profitability

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What is Customer Training?

Customer training is the process of educating customers on how to use your products or services more effectively to meet their goals. Pursuing customer training is important to increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn rate, simplify customer onboarding, drive product adoption, and boost engagement with your brand.

A TSIA study found that 87% of customers are capable of working more independently when trained.

what is customer training

What can your organization achieve with customer training?

training helps customers

Training helps customers understand how to use your product or service more effectively and how your offering can improve their business.

Relevant training encourages

Relevant training encourages customers to remain loyal to your brand and refrain from abandoning your product.

seamless onboarding

A seamless onboarding and learning experience will lead to delightful customer experiences.

delighted customers

Delighted customers eventually become your brand’s ambassadors and drive additional customers to you.

How is Skill Lake Different from a Traditional Customer Training LMS?

success driven features


Personalized Learning Opportunities

  • Customized learning paths to maximize retention of information and adoption of your product or service.
  • Recommend courses to customers based on their previous activity and personalize training content tailored to their specific needs.


Multimedia Content Creation and Management

  • User-friendly authoring tools to create engaging and interactive training content for customers.
  • Ability to incorporate multimedia elements in training content, such as text, graphics, audio, video, animation, and other novel formats.
  • Upload existing training materials, create new assessments or quizzes, and organize content into structured courses.


Flexible Training - Anytime, Anywhere

  • Customers can learn at their own pace and in their own time, which can improve engagement and completion rates.
  • Mobile learning with content optimized for smartphones and tablets - customers can easily access courses, videos, and other training resources on a mobile device.
  • Cloud-based access to help customers access training resources from any device with internet access.


Self-Paced, On-Demand Training

  • Self-paced training (on-demand training) will help customers learn at their own pace, without affecting their schedules.
  • With on-demand training, you can quickly reach a large number of potential customers around the world in less time.


Knowledge Retention and Accessibility

  • Customers have the opportunity to get the knowledge they need when they need it most. Personalized training experiences make your customers more knowledgeable and confident in using your products and services.
  • Customers can easily access the training resources online and revisit the reference materials whenever needed to reinforce learning and maximize knowledge retention.

Multimedia Content Creation and Management


Flexible Training - Anytime, Anywhere


Self-Paced, On-Demand Training


Knowledge Retention and Accessibility


Personalized Learning Opportunities

Benefits of Using a Customer Training LMS

Boost Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

A customer training LMS allows you to educate customers about your products and services, thereby boosting their overall satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. Good customer training enables users to see the value of your product, appreciate the level of support they receive, and be much more likely to recommend your brand to others.

Save Customer Training Costs

A customer training LMS helps you provide a consistent and high-quality training experience to your customers, regardless of the location or the size of your customer base. This, in turn, will reduce your customer training costs by eliminating the need for physical materials, travel, and additional staff.

Evaluate Training Data For Insights

By evaluating the training data provided by the LMS, you can understand the needs and interests of customers, the common issues they face, and their response to your customer training initiatives. These actionable insights help deliver a more personalized experience to your customers.

Reduce Customer Support Costs

Customers who know and understand the product well will not need frequent assistance from your support staff. This saves time for both parties, decreases your company’s support costs and tickets, and allows your team to focus on users with more complex issues.

Better Onboarding Experience

By adopting a learning management system for customer training, you can deliver a seamless onboarding experience to your customers, so they fully understand the benefits of your product and recognize how their business can benefit from your offering.

Increase Your Brand’s Competitiveness

Using a customer training LMS can improve the effectiveness of your training courses, increase customer satisfaction, and drive business results. It also helps speed up customer onboarding, bring new users to your brand, and drive business growth.

Higher Product Engagement

Good customer training teaches users how to make the most of your product. Training drives your product’s adoption rate among customers by reducing the learning curve and accelerating the time-to-value.

Increase Revenue Potential

Acquiring a new customer is more expensive than retaining an existing one. Effective training that pleases your customers will result in subscription renewals, more referrals, higher percentage of upgrades, and increased upselling and cross-selling.

Maximize Customer Retention

When users know how your product can address their pain points and add value to their business, they are more likely to make the product a part of their daily workflow. Relevant training inspires your customers and keeps them from leaving you.

Outpace Traditional LMS for Customer Training:
Best Practices to Derive Value from Skill Lake

Set your customers up for success and boost ROI with the right customer training LMS.

Guide customers to better business results with Skill Lake LMS.

FAQs on Customer Training LMS

A customer training platform is an LMS used by an organization to create, deliver, manage, and track training courses and learning resources intended to educate customers about their offerings, mission, and goals.

An LMS provides organizations with a holistic framework for handling all aspects of their customer training – right from onboarding new customers to creating and delivering training content and tracking the learning progress made by customers.

The customer training LMS helps automate course delivery, progress tracking, assessments, and reporting, saving organizations precious time and resources.

Skill Lake allows your organization to create, publish, and manage customer training courses by identifying your customers’ training requirements. Our LMS helps ensure your customer training content is constantly updated and organized in a centralized repository.

With Skill Lake, you can provide personalized training content for global customer groups, align your training environment with your brand, help your customers learn from anywhere, and access training reports anytime.

Some of Skill Lake’s top features are:

  • Personalized learning journeys for customers
  • Gamifications and customized certifications to motivate learners
  • Blended and dual learning modes (multi-learning modes)
  • Multi-cloud hosting (your own private cloud or public cloud)
  • Mobile learning to facilitate anywhere, anytime learning
  • AI and ML-powered personalized course recommendations
  • AR/ VR-based content design and delivery to make your courses more interactive and immersive
  • Integration with third-party learning content and delivery platforms
  • Manage courses, users, events, trainers, learners, learning groups, and more
  • Built-in tools for content authoring, repurposing, designing, and delivery
  • Customer feedback, learning progress review, and next-step suggestions

Skill Lake offers a unique customer training experience in many ways.

  • Personalized learning paths for customers
  • Options to custom-brand your LMS
  • Training for external users – customers, partners, employees
  • Dynamic and engaging learning feeds customized for each learner
  • Scalable to any number of users

Skill Lake is a cost-effective and consistent customer training platform that’s flexible, scalable, and easily customizable to match your needs. Skill Lake is an ideal tool for implementing and monitoring your customer training.

Skill Lake’s customer training platform:

  • Promotes learning accountability among users
  • Empowers customers to develop the skills and knowledge they need to use your product/ service effectively
  • Accelerates your business growth through impactful customer training
  • Provides personalized learning paths to customers
  • Supports multiple learning delivery options and styles: self-paced, instructor-led, mobile learning, etc.
  • Promotes comprehensive learning through gamification, course certifications, and more

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