Nonprofits Training

Deloitte quotes 75% of working millennials would volunteer more if they had a better understanding of the impact they were making! The number clearly indicates the need to communicate the goals of your program and its impact to your volunteers. Sounds difficult? Well, Skill Lake makes it possible! Do away with the effort and costs involved in on-site training. Deliver personalized online training to your extensive volunteers, donors, and board members, bring down attrition rates, and reduce training costs with our people development platform.

Dual-mode Learning

Offer self-paced courses that volunteers can undergo at their convenience, or instructor-led courses with live workshops from seasoned members.


Coach new volunteers and guide them through predefined learning paths.

Step 1Create a Course Library

  • Use text, image, audio, video, and PDF files to create varied courses on Skill Lake
  • Make your courses available at a centralized content repository – the Course Library, that can be accessed on-demand.

Step 2Assign Courses

Assign self-paced or instructor-led courses to volunteers to help them imbibe the mission, vision, and objectives of your programme, even before they join!

Step 3Conduct Tests

Administer simple tests to volunteers to assess their understanding of the policies and to reaffirm your nonprofit’s expectations.

Step 4Award Certificates and Badges

  • Award certificates for completing courses or attending workshops.
  • Encourage volunteers and donors to share their achievements with fellow volunteers to inspire learning.

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