Beyond Learning Management

Redefining learning for tomorrow’s workforce

  • Are you looking for a better way to increase awareness about culture, policies, practices or compliance?
  • Are your leaders struggling to get their people to make time for training, or to apply what they learn?
  • Do you want to create a holistic learning culture that goes beyond functional skills?
  • Do your people complete eLearning on the corporate LMS, but miss “on the job” application?
  • Do you want to speed up onboarding of employees, customers, contractors, and vendors?
  • Are you trying to scale L&D initiatives to meet the growing skill development needs of your organization, on a budget?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, you need a good platform for people development. One that provides the foundation to create a culture of continuous learning and growth through – accountability, cooperation, and personalization

A people development platform to build a culture of growth

Make learning and development a core business driver

Beyond content consumption

  • Empower people to develop skills and competencies that impact their jobs
  • Convert learning into action that impacts performance
  • Mentor and coach to continuously improve performance

Promotes learning Accountability

  • Engage leaders and managers to enable true accountability
  • Track competence development plans, actions and timelines, organization wide
  • Attain full visibility across the workforce to identify gaps and take action

Accelerates business growth

  • Navigate business challenges at scale as you grow
  • Enhance organizational productivity, effectiveness, and adaptability
  • Build ROI through a competent workforce

Organizes learning materials

  • Bring scattered content together in one searchable Course Library
  • Organize and standardize all learning content
  • Create Playbooks, SOPs or Process documentation

Encourages social and collaborative learning

  • Allows learners to showcase their achievements and share expertise
  • Inspires employees to learn & progress through peer accomplishments
  • Fosters a culture of learning throughout the organization

Personalized learning beyond one size fits all

  • Aligns learning with both individual aspirations and organizational needs
  • Learners learn at their pace, at their moment of need
  • Personalized learning plans, with coaching and mentoring

Offers multiple learning delivery options

  • Supports both Synchronous and Asynchronous delivery of learning content
  • Provide self paced learning, instructor led courses and blended delivery
  • Supports Micro learning, Flipped learning

Promotes comprehensive learning

  • Allows gamification to make learning more engaging and progressive
  • Builds awareness about processes, SOPs, and practices through mandatory trainings
  • Permits imparting of both functional knowledge and life skills for career enhancement

How does Skill Lake beat traditional enterprise LMS?

Promotes learning accountability through self-paced learning and constant monitoring of learners’ progress by mentors

Facilitates microlearning through bite-sized content in multiple forms for better knowledge retention

Enables multiple modes of learning - synchronous, asynchronous, and a blend of both based on the nature of courses and the availability of trainers

Allows learning from anywhere, anytime through intuitive and secure mobile apps

Includes a hybrid learning approach that accommodates online & offline modes

Offers practical learning experiences aimed at personal and organizational growth

What our Clients Say

Five Brothers, Michigan, USA

“We were already associated with Fingent as a long-term client and when we spoke to them about our training needs, they offered us UpSkill, an LMS solution meant to be used at the enterprise level. When we probed further, it came across as a light-weight, user-friendly, and customizable LMS solution, ideal for our training needs. To date, we haven’t had any major complaints as the post-sales service continues to be excellent. SkillLake will remain our LMS going forward as well.”

The Training Center, New Jersey, USA

“We were in search of an LMS that offered a friendly & intuitive interface and allowed easy integration with our existing systems. Luckily, we came across UpSkill where it not only offered these features but also proved to be easy on routine maintenance and upgrades. It is scalable and flexible enough to be customized. To top it all, SkillLake is made mobile-ready, enabling us to provide easy access to our training material anytime and anywhere.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

With the consistent improvements in technologies associated with learning, it is no longer just about rolling out courses and expecting the learners to consume it. The learning process has to be refined to cater to the needs of the future workforce. Skill Lake is one of the few platforms that has been designed from the ground up to ensure learning not only happens effectively, but also places the learner at a vantage point. Learners learn pro-actively with self-choice and direction to make the entire process more engaging and fulfilling. Even the level of knowledge retention hits new highs with this approach.

Skill Lake rises above competition by being a people development platform. It allows companies to create an employee-centric learning culture where learning happens holistically. Our product supports participatory learning across hierarchies where learning is not limited to functional skills alone but places emphasis on life/soft skills to improve the career prospects of the employee. The platform offers a personalized learning roadmap to all participants with timely feedback and corrective measures from assigned mentors. Overall, our efforts have been directed towards making learning more engaging and practical.

Initially, right in the planning stages of Skill Lake, we were certain that we wanted a training platform that could hold the attention of the coming generations. We were not keen on archaic features that are found in every run-of-the-mill learning product available in the market. To a large extent, we believe we have been successful in incorporating features like interactive learning (live webinars), instant feedback (guided tests), self-paced learning, gamification, and more. On the whole, we have a dynamic product that is consistently evolving to the sensitivities of the current and upcoming generations.

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