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How IT leaders can build and retain a competent workforce

In the IT industry, the widening skills gap is a growing concern. By 2030, estimates say there will be a global shortage of over 85 million skilled professionals, potentially costing companies trillions in lost economic opportunities.

The expanding skill gap severely restricts an organization’s ability to innovate, making it a pressing challenge for IT leaders. To address this, reskilling the workforce is crucial.

Various strategies exist, including using an L&D platform to build and retain a competitive workforce in the perpetually evolving IT landscape. This eBook delves into the proven methods for successfully implementing learning initiatives.

Access the ebook now to learn more about:

  • How widening skills gap poses a challenge for IT leaders, affecting both individuals and economies?
  • Strategies to tackle IT skills shortages within organizations.
  • How Skill Lake helps organizations overcome skills shortages?


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