Professional License Training

The pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented change in professional license training, with the mode of instruction shifting from classroom coaching to live, instructor-led training. However, many popular platforms in the market today lack provisions to deliver recorded video content, mark attendance, offer reading material in one place, and more. Skill Lake offers all these and a lot more! The platform helps learners stay on top of industry trends, meet licensing requirements, revalidate certificates, and refine skills in a seamless and effective way.

Content Library with Live Sessions

Record live sessions, upload to the content library, modify select information, and reuse for multiple batches with minimal time and effort

Question Banks

Leverage the extensive question banks to administer dynamic mock tests to learners, enabling them to gear up for their jobs

Assignments and Tests

Assess comprehension and practical know-how through graded and guided tests

Step 1Build a Course Library

Employ text, image, audio, video, and PDF files to create varied courses on Skill Lake and upload them to a user-friendly course library.

Step 2Assign Courses

Allocate self-paced courses which learners can pursue at their own pace or instructor-led courses that contain live sessions by instructors.

Step 3Assess Comprehension

  • Assign personalized graded or guided tests to license pursuers to check if they qualify for the certification or license.
  • Share feedback on how learners can improve their skill sets and technical know-how to deliver quality service.

Step 4Award Certificates and Badges

  • Award certificates and badges for completing courses and achieving milestones.
  • Encourage professional license holders to showcase accolades with their network, thereby motivating them to upgrade their skills.

Step 5Analyze Detailed Reports

Gain actionable insights on course enrollments, usage and other metrics, track learner progress in real time, and take corrective action.

Step 6Learner Dashboard

  • Offer learners a detailed view of their entire learning history, progress, and future plans on the Learner Dashboard.
  • Promote learning accountability with opportunities for self-direction and self-choice.

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