Go Beyond an LMS For Automotive Training

Embrace Skill Lake, the modern learning experience platform (LXP) for automotive companies to deploy personalized online automotive training programs for their employees.

Enhance People Development in Your Automotive Company With Our LXP

The automotive industry faces many challenges in training its workforce, especially when they are geographically distributed. To prepare such a diverse workforce with varied learning goals, automotive companies require an LMS with added benefits of a learning experience platform to keep employees connected and up-to-date with personalized content.
Skill Lake is a learning experience platform tailored for automotive training with exclusive course curation and course recommendations for employees based on their learning curves. This LXP is topped with all the features needed for an automotive company, such as course mentoring, personalized learning paths, mobile learning, gamification, feedback systems, competency mapping, holistic dashboards, and more. Skill Lake can contribute to the success of your automotive company through simple yet smart people development approaches.

Skill Lake is Beyond an Automotive LMS

Competency Management & Tracking

  • Define a learning plan for every individual to train them on a set of relevant activities for the automotive sector, in order to gain specific industry knowledge.
  • Identify skill gaps across various roles based on reports and initiate the necessary training required.
  • Measure the competency levels of employees through graded assessments to identify their skill sets.
  • Get a holistic view of employees’ capabilities who possess a particular set of skills or suit specific jobs in the automotive sector.

Diverse Workforce Management

  • Leverage specialized knowledge or provide extra support on automotive-related subjects by assigning mentors or coaches.
  • Learners can choose different learning modes i.e., self-paced or instructor-led learning based on the complexity of the courses and their convenience.
  • Training can be scheduled and assigned through personalized learning journeys catered to specific needs.
  • Learning materials can be disseminated to learners anytime, anywhere and from any device through a centralized content delivery system.

Maximum Learner Engagement

  • Support visually appealing content to give employees a feel of the real working environment and a thorough understanding of machinery handling.
  • Graphical illustrations can be organized in Skill Lake LMS to understand how to rightly adhere to the operating and safety norms in the automotive industry.
  • Upload courses developed by automotive experts on types of equipment and machinery to provide deep knowledge of the working of machines.
  • Craft training courses with gamification and interesting elements to boost employee engagement and maximize knowledge retention.

Adhere to Industry Changes and Trends

  • Always stay on top of the latest happenings in the automotive industry, compliance guidelines, and regulations through easy content updating.
  • Create a competitive edge through efficient and well-informed employees and dealers through the regular and fresh content feed.
  • A one-time content feed is enough to educate your employees across the globe on the latest industry changes and norms, saving your time and effort.
  • Improve workplace safety and reduce the number of injuries through corporate training programs and compliance training.

Quick to Deploy & Easy to Use

  • Easy to deploy on private servers or the cloud, based on your enterprise IT specifications and get started as soon as possible.
  • User-friendly interface and frictionless navigation to enable smooth interactions for non-technical users as well.
  • Enhanced security features including role-based controls, SSO, and other authentications that comply with your organization’s security standards.
  • Integrate with other applications you already use and easily customize to suit your brand, organizational structure, and processes.

Product and Process Training

  • Skill Lake hosts relevant training for automotive industries like product training, process training, and soft skill training.
  • Delivers content across the organization steadily and speedily, and define roadmaps to ensure employees are right on track.
  • Hosts custom content for understanding the basics of product and process training, for ensuring in-depth training to employees at all hierarchical levels.
  • Manage automotive safety training for employees working at the manufacturing centers or sales training for sales managers and other executives.

Key Features of Skill Lake


Clean and intuitive interface of Skill Lake helps anyone get familiar with the platform real quick.


Fast Setup

Skill Lake can be readily hosted on a private server or the cloud and get your learning platform up for training in minutes.


Progress Tracking

Tracks training activities, learning progressions, and success rate of training programs based on course completions, assessment results, and content access through insightful reports.