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  • corporate training

    The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Training Growth!

    Business expansion is inevitable for any company. Companies that started as small company expands to medium and then to large by beating the odds in the highly competitive market.  When your business expands, opens franchises, and opts for mergers and acquisitions, you ensure your company’s brand value, culture, and objectives are never compromised.  Your employee

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  • AR and VR in LMS

    AR and VR in LMS: The Future of Corporate Training

    Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtuality Reality (VR)- the clever technologies that connect our physical and digital worlds, we know! But what are the definitions of AR and VR? Let us get a load of those… Creating AR content basically is about a real-time view of the actual world where the elements are blanketed by computer-generated

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  • Learning and Development in Workplace

    How Learning and Development in the Workplace Empowers Growth?

    Employers are trying to attract and retain employees by focusing on new-age technology. Many industries today are facing skill gaps and labor shortages. Retaining and strengthening the workforce is turning a cumbersome job. The general lack of digital maturity is one essential reason companies are critically looking to improve their workplace learning and development processes.

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  • Workforce Quality

    How Can You Enhance Workforce Quality in Remote Work Settings?

    Organizations are trying to preserve an innovative hybrid work model. Collaborating with futuristic tech tools like Learning Management Systems [LMS] is the first step to creating a creative and engaging work environment. However, research suggests a ‘large gap’ in the execution of hybrid work technologies in companies. So let’s discuss on the topic Workforce Quality

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  • SCORM Compliant

    Why Should You Use a SCORM Compliant Learning Management System for Corporate Training?

    Employee training is an essential part of any corporate. With the rise of digital technology, offering employees access to training through online learning management systems, or LMS has become easier and more convenient. These systems give corporate organizations the power to quickly deploy high-quality training, ensure data security, and provide an intuitive user experience. SCORM

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