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  • HR Skillsets

    HR Skillsets: How Full-Stack HR Professionals Make Your Company Stronger?

    Today’s ever-changing and challenging work environment needs HR professionals to excel in multiple roles, be it with management skills, technology, industrial knowledge or recruitment. That’s why companies are now focused on investing in Full Stack HR Skillsets. What is a Full Stack HR? A full-stack HR practitioner masters various human resources domains such as logical

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  • AI in LMS: Why Incorporating AI in Learning Management Systems is Crucial?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been impacting our everyday lives for quite some time now. When you search for something on the Internet, the recommendations you see on your device is a crucial example of how AI reflects our lives today. AI is the mainstay of user experience now, especially because of it’s ability to provide

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  • CHROs During An Economic Downturn

    Top 5 Priorities For CHROs During An Economic Downturn

    The past three years have taught us how an economic downturn can transform the way we work. Rapid digitization, economic uncertainty and hybrid work are placing new demands on employees who require different skills to cope with the new normal of work. HR leaders have been challenged like never before to lead their employees through

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  • stress management training

    Top 6 Key Benefits of Stress Management Training for Employees

      Employee well-being is one of the main challenges across organizations, especially amidst competitive markets and fast technological developments. While minimizing skill gaps, organizations must ensure enough learning and development processes to promote employee wellness and handle employee stress. However, statistics these days are promising. A US Department of Labor and US Department of Health

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  • Flipped Learning

    Flipped Learning: Benefits and Challenges [Guide]

    A teaching approach that endorses the notion of ‘activity before lecture’! This might sound outlandish, but flipped learning helps you understand the concepts your trainer shares better since you already went through its activities first.  Flipped instructions flow from a group learning space to an individual learning space. This approach is advantageous in creating an

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