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  • Future-ready workforce

    Building a Future-ready Workforce – All You Need to Know!

    For years, the nature of work has been in constant change due to the new political, social, environmental, and economic challenges and continuous technological developments. When the worldwide pandemic struck, it accelerated the pace of change even more and amplified concerns about the future of the workforce. Consequently, organizations worldwide are grasping now that a

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  • microlearning

    Microlearning Application: Bite-Sized Engagement, Big-Time Knowledge Boost!

    Globally, corporations spend about 370 billion dollars on L&D each year. With such huge investment, L&D professionals are under pressure to employ training methods that deliver a tangible ROI. That is why many corporations have turned to microlearning application. Definition of microlearning?  Microlearning is essentially a comprehensive approach to skill-based learning and education that focuses

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  • Corporate Learning Management System: Beyond Traditional LMS Training

    Traditional LMS, although mildly effective, falls short in meeting the needs of the modern new-age employee. In the realm of Corporate Learning Management System, it is essential to go beyond the confines of mere content consumption. While learning has transitioned to an online format, it often remains limited to a mere formality, lacking true engagement

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  • Why Corporate E-learning Is the Future of Organizational Training?

    A large majority of companies have switched over to corporate e-learning over the past few years, according to the latest research estimates. In fact, the corporate e-learning market is likely to grow from $205 billion to $415 billion by 2028. This has been the emerging trend where the adoption of corporate e-learning is showing a

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  • Enterprise LMS Software: Boosting Business with Profits [Tips]

    Did you know that Learning Management Systems (LMS) are making a huge impact today? The Enterprise LMS software market is estimated to reach a market size of over 25.7 billion USD worldwide by 2025. The significant growth of e-learning in the corporate world fueled by events such as the COVID 19 pandemic is seen as a key

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