Why Skill Lake?

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Aligned to Business Needs

Skill Lake identifies skill deficits to immediately assign training based on business needs. The corporate learning management system allows the business to adapt training needs following relevant changes in business strategy. 

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Holistic Learning

Skill Lake seeks the all-around development of employees through life skill training and character-building opportunities in combination with regular job-based learning. 

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Enterprise Ready LMS

Skill Lake is one of the best online learning platforms built for the enterprise and can be run on private servers or the cloud. Moreover, the corporate e-learning platform supports SSO & role-based controls and complies with enterprise security standards. 

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Dual Training Modes

On the learning platform, the learner can learn via two learning modes – Self paced & Instructor-led learning. In both, the learner has the comfort of being guided by an instructor or mentor. 

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SCORM Compliant LMS

When using LMS that is compliant with the SCORM standard, the need to redesign or reconfigure your eLearning material is eliminated, allowing for seamless upgrades to systems, processes, and tools, making e-learning more easily accessible to learners and institutions.
This allows for greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness in the long run. 

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Robust yet Lightweight

Although Skill Lake is built for the enterprise, it is extremely lightweight. Users have found it to be powerful, fast, & capable of fulfilling robust training functionalities.

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Tracking & Reporting

Skill Lake tracks learning behavior at the granular level. It gives administrators access to data on various learning parameters, allowing them to help learners if they are lagging behind.

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Gamified Learning

The e-learning platform features gamification that makes learning engaging and fun. The learner will find the framework akin to a gaming ecosystem where there are “virtual rewards to be won on reaching specific stages.

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Higher Learning Retention

Overall the learning retention on Skill Lake is higher compared to other learning frameworks. Instructors and mentors can easily assign periodic tests and assignments to track and evaluate knowledge retention.

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Learn Anytime & Anywhere

Skill Lake allows access to training material on mobiles, making training accessible to anyone, anywhere and anytime. It makes training more efficient and reduces friction in the learning process.

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Keeps Organization Updated

Skill Lake allows organizations to map the competencies of their entire workforce. It is now possible to remain updated on the competencies and skillsets of the workforce within the platform.

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Redefines Instructor-Learner Relationship

The corporate learning management system allows easy communication between the learners and the instructors without the scope for miscommunication and ambiguity. It allows easy feedback and corrective measures.

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