Making Conversions Happen At Your Retail Store!

Equipping your sales force with Skill, Knowledge, and Attitude to deliver an exceptional customer experience ensuring a healthy like to like growth for your business.

Success Factors for the Making of a Sales Expert

Here UpSkill addresses key challenges that most organizations face.

Anytime, Anyplace Training

Is your workforce spending a lot of their productive time just for training? Well, you do not need to take your workforce off store just for training anymore. UpSkill’s advanced mobility and cloud features ensure that your workforce gets the right training, any where anytime.

Engaging and Targeted Content

Yes, they have access to all your content but are you sure that they are learning from them? Here our team can help reassemble your content and deliver them in an engaging format. UpSkills can channel your content through specific engagement practices to maximize learning impact

Mentoring Made Easy

Spend a lot of time and effort on expensive consultants, across all your stores, to train your workforce? You do not need a large team to train your sales workforce across geographies anymore. UpSkill enables you to track content delivery and progress across your organization from a central system

Assessments that Improve your Team

Taking assessments are not fun and reviewing them over your busy work schedule isn’t exciting either. UpSkill, on the other hand, shows you where exactly you need to focus. Keep track of workforce skill levels in real time, understand their progress and ensure that your staff has the required competencies to improve sales

Organizations are faced with numerous challenges when it comes to training retail sales teams. Apart from hiring the right talent, organizations need to keep workforce motivated and inspired always.


Increase Sales

Our research shows that retail stores lose about 30% of their revenue because sales staff do not have the right skill sets. We can help you create better sales people for faster sales conversions


Hassle free Training

Developing and Executing your sales plan is simple with UpSkill. Our streamlined workflow makes it easy for you to set up training programs and track their effectiveness – all from a single dashboard.

Increase Customer Experience

Increasing customer experience is critical. 95% of all buying decisions in retail sales are made emotionally. With UpSkill you can develop the right Attitude, Skill, and knowledge in your workforce, for an environment with the right emotional stimuli.


Better Customer Engagement

Building Customer Loyalty Starts with good sales teams. Empower your workforce with skills to engage customers better and ensure an exceptional customer experience


Improve customer experience with our courses


Selling Skills

Improve functional competencies for selling and build better sales practices.

Body Language Development

Soft skills training to enable customers and better experience.


Communication Skills

Develop communication skills to empower workforce for better customer engagement.

Coaching Skills

Build Managerial competencies across your sales staff for sustainable growth.

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