Employee Onboarding and Mandatory Trainings

First impressions are important. In fact, SHRM reports that 25% of new employees leave their jobs within the first six months due to ambiguous expectations, poor onboarding, and inefficient training. Don’t worry, Skill Lake’s got you covered! Engage your new hires from the get go, as you get them productive irrespective of whether they work remotely or from the office. Train your new hires on your organizational culture, HR policies, and information security processes, to establish a sense of belonging right from the start. Impart functional skills as per learning paths set by mentors to help them deliver their best on the job.


Assign experienced employees or reporting managers as mentors to coach subordinates and track their performance through detailed reports.


Mandatory Course Administration

Administer mandatory courses, including organizational/regulatory/compliance/functional courses, at an organizational or group level. Reduce manual processes by auto-assigning courses to new members with the click of a button!

Dual-mode Learning

Leverage self-paced courses assigned by mentors and undergo them at their convenience, or be guided by live sessions from experts on instructor-led courses.

Learning Plan

Formulate long-term learning plans with multiple objectives and courses/tasks tied to each objective, to enable individual, team and organizational growth.

Graded and Guided Tests

Try multiple modes of assessment tailored to your learners! Generate a score at the end of evaluation with graded tests or reinforce the learning concepts with real-time feedback for each question through guided tests.

Step 1Create a Course Library

Upload courses with text, image, audio, video, and PDF files to a centralized and comprehensive content repository – the “Course Library”, saving time and effort.

Step 2Assign Courses

Assign mandatory or functional courses at organizational, departmental or individual levels; include them in the learning plan to automatically assign to the respective learners with ease.

Step 3Test Comprehension

  • Assign graded or guided tests to assess the understanding of concepts by the learners.
  • Share performance feedback with employees to nurture and mould them into valuable assets.

Step 4Award Certificates and Badges

  • Foster a culture of learning and growth in your organization by awarding certificates and badges for completing courses and achieving milestones.
  • Encourage learners to share achievements with peers to build a motivated and competent workforce.

Step 5Leverage Advanced Reports

  • Drill down to detailed reports on course enrollment and usage at the team, department and organizational levels.
  • Track progress and take corrective action to encourage accountability for learning.

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