Group Enrolment of Teams or Departments

In Skill Lake, the Mentor or Administrator can assign courses to a group of learners.
Click on Browse courses tab and select the course to which you want to enroll the team or department.

Click on the three dots in the Action column and click on the Group Enrollments option.

Training and Development Group Enrollments

You can view the details of the groups who are already enrolled on the Course – Department/Team name, count of learners in the group, enrolled by, course duration and enrollment settings(mandatory or not, auto enrolled or not).

Group Enrollment of members of a department/team

Click on the Enroll group(s) button to enroll the course to members of a department/team. In the Enroll group(s) pop-up, choose the ‘Select groups(s)’ option and select the department/team, enroll existing members, future members, or both,  expected number of days to finish learning, select the course as mandatory ( if required) and click on the Enroll button.

Note: To enroll the course to all groups, choose the ‘All groups’ option. 

On clicking the Enroll button, a pop-up appears, where you can check and confirm the group enrollment by clicking on the Confirm button.

The departments/teams enrolled in this course will be displayed in the list. You can search the departments/teams enrolled in this course using the Search option.

View Summary of the learners of the group

Click on the View button to view the summary of the learners who are enrolled in the group.

The count of learners who have completed, in progress, and yet to start can be viewed at the top. Click on the Progress icon to view the progress of individual learners.

Click on the Unenroll icon to unenroll the learners.

Click on the Finish by date icon to change/extend the course completion date for a specific learner.

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