Move Beyond a Manufacturing LMS For Customized Training

Deliver personalized employee training to cover all aspects of manufacturing and industrial processes through Skill Lake’s people development platform.

Address Skills Gap in Manufacturing to Meet Industry Regulations

The manufacturing industry is beset with challenges. There are multiple regulations and standards to enforce. Besides, quality and innovation should be sustained in all areas. With this comes the need to impart professional training to the workforce for bridging the skills gap.

Skill Lake is an adaptive learning platform to host and deliver industrial training courses as well as assess the skills of enrolled learners. From the shop floor to sales, manufacturing companies can use Skill Lake to keep their employees well trained and aligned to meet current industry standards, which helps bring down costs and improve overall productivity.

Why Use Skill Lake Manufacturing LMS

Standardize Training with Industry Requirements

  • Keep employees aware of compliance rules to ensure quality and safety.
  • Offer hands-on training in different levels of manufacturing operations.
  • Align processes to comply with various international standards and mandates.
  • Continually update training with the ever-changing regulations in the industry.

Anywhere Anytime Access to Training Materials

  • Multi-device support from smartphones to tablets for anywhere learning.
  • Centrally organize training content in a single repository for easy access.
  • Create and assign separate courses to multiple learners all at once.
  • Train employees in different locations and roles in one place.

Track Learner Progress with Advanced Reporting

  • Instructors can view and assess the progress of each learner on the dashboard.
  • Identify learning gaps and provide extra support if and when needed.
  • Develop competency in manufacturing processes at varying levels.
  • Assess training outcomes based on course completion and scores.

Deliver Engaging Learning with Gamification

  • Encourage learning with virtual rewards, certificates, and badges.
  • Create tests and mashups to help learners achieve learning goals.
  • Provide learning materials in bite-sized versions for better engagement.
  • Personalize learning to suit the pace and specific needs of each learner.

Key Features


Skill Lake features a plain and easily navigable interface that even novice users can familiarize themselves quickly to start their learning journey right away.



Deploy Skill Lake instantly on a private server or the cloud and configure everything needed course materials, learning plans, mentors, and more in minutes.


Progress Tracking

Track how well your learners’ have progressed in their training on a single dashboard and recognize if they lag in certain areas to offer the right guidance and support.

Mobile Access

Skill Lake also comes packed in a compact form as a mobile app that allows users to access and refer to training materials anywhere and at any time.

Virtual Mentoring

Guide learners to achieve their learning goals by assigning mentors to supervise training and provide the needed career and emotional support.



Build a culture of learning by engaging and motivating learners on a deeper level with gamification elements like rewards, badges, and points.

Learning Modes

Offer learning via multiple modes – self-paced, instructor-led, and blended delivery based on course content and learner preferences.