More than a Regular
Energy Management Training Platform

Develop personalized training programs with a modern learning experience platform (LXP) like Skill Lake that comprises engaging ways to evolve people development.

Build tomorrow-ready workforces in the Energy Sector with Our LXP

The energy industry is one industry that cannot afford under-trained workers, especially in the aspects of production like exploration, refinery, and distribution. That is where an oil and gas training platform or a solar training platform with added benefits of a learning experience platform becomes quite indispensable for providing relevant energy-based training programs.
A learning experience platform like Skill Lake helps to develop and deliver personalized training to every employee on any subject in the energy sector, including compliance and regulatory policies. This feature-rich LXP can close the skill gaps through engaging ways of learning, course mentoring, individual learning paths, gamification, feedback mechanisms, and much more. Skill Lake makes learning effective by curating relevant course materials and recommending course suggestions to employees. This learning experience platform offers a sustainable solution for people development in the energy sector.

Skill Lake is Beyond an Energy LMS

Customizable To Your Training Needs

  • Host training courses to benefit onboarding, employee upskilling, and compliance training for energy companies.
  • Learn from anywhere at any time from any device with centralized access to training and learning materials.
  • Consistent training regime to ensure employees always stay updated on the latest compliance and regulatory policies in the energy sector.

Make Learning Engaging & Successful

  • Include gaming elements in your training courses to overcome boredom and encourage employees to complete courses.
  • Craft tailored learning paths for every employee to help them attain their milestones easily.
  • Microlearning approach through small bite-sized content to facilitating better knowledge retention.

Track Your Learners’ Progress

  • Advanced reporting tools to track the performance of learners and measure training effectiveness all in one place.
  • Assign training based on each employee’s learning pace with organizational goal-oriented learning paths.
  • Managers can assess employees’ course activities, assessments, progressions, and all info from a single source, ensuring skill gap is always minimal.

Highly Secured & Easy To Deploy

  • Easy to host on private servers or cloud that meets your enterprise’s specific IT requirements.
  • Role-based controls, SSO, and other security measures that comply with your organization’s security standards.
  • Robust and lightweight platform with guaranteed security, uptime, and scalability to accommodate any no. of users.

Key Features of Skill Lake


Intuitive interface that makes it simple and easy for employees to use and navigate irrespective of their technical know-how.


Fast Setup

Quick to deploy and configure on your private servers or on the cloud meeting all your organizational IT specifications.


Progress Tracking

Track the learning activities of professionals- their course progressions and completions, and assign relevant periodic tests to evaluate their knowledge retention.

Mobile Access

Easily access training and learning materials from anywhere, at any time on mobile devices to make learning friction-free and convenient.

Virtual Mentoring

Assign professionals with a specialized skillset in the energy sector to guide or mentor learners in their learning journey.



Motivate learners by earning points, badges, and leaderboards through gamified learning and make learning fun-filled and easy to retain.

Learning Modes

Learners can choose instructor-led or self-paced learning, or hybrid mode to promot